Global leader mobile money

Think of a world ruled by convenience where the world is at your fingertips and whatever you want to do takes only seconds. Such power comes with technology, technology that turns impossible into regular and brings action closer to thought. At Seamless, we strive to bring this vision of the future closer to you in our own way. We aim to liberate with the power of mobile unlike ever before, to reach out to every corner of the globe and connect people to one global village.


Everyone prospers

There are more than 6 billion mobile users in the world already. And with technology innovators like Seamless who make it easier for newer markets to adopt mobile phones, this number will grow steadily. Today, even financially unstable households can use mobile phones with the advent of our low-denomination Prepaid TopUp options. This, obviously, translates into more revenue for mobile operators. What’s more – we also connect operators to retail chains, banks, stand-alone shops and resellers through electronic distribution, bringing down the cost of a single transaction in the process.


Unleashing the full power of the smartphone

One case in point is SEQR – the mobile payment revolution, a unique Seamless offering unleashing the full power of the smartphone. Making it simpler and faster for the consumer to pay while substantially cutting cost for retail.


Dedicated to progress

In the last decade, we’ve emerged as a trusted supplier and partner with technical excellence, business knowledge and commercially viable solutions. Our customers and long standing partnerships hold testimony to the quality of our product offerings and the efficiency of our services. As we move into the future, we aspire to continue exploring new grounds in mobile technology and introduce path-breaking products. Already we have done a lot but we know the best is yet to come.