At Seamless Distribution Systems customers are the highest priority. We believe that customer satisfaction plays a vital role in growing a company’s market share and retaining its customers. Therefore, we as a team, work towards deploying systems that increase efficiency, reduce costs, and allow the telecom operators to strengthen their service delivery.

Being present in the industry for the past 17 years and having hands-on experience in different markets has led us to gain deep knowledge and understanding of the whole ecosystem. This is the reason why our customers put complete trust in us to help them increase their business strategically.

SDS is proud to be serving different customers who have acknowledged our product as “stable”, “reliable” and “good value for money”.

Our core platform Electronic Recharge System (ERS 360), is a solution designed to provide telecom operators with an efficient management system. The platform builds, manages, and controls the distribution channel,  drives multi products sales and reduces costs of distribution in emerging markets.

The success metrics of the platform can be broadly categorised into 3 factors:

1. Operational excellence

teams planning and strategising

We at SDS follow a problem-solving approach, seeking to understand and prioritise our customers needs and providing them with sustainable solutions. Our diverse and global workforce strives hard to enable the telecom operators to develop capabilities that allow them to thrive in the highly competitive environment.

Having an upper hand on insights from different markets (providing services in 28 countries) accompanied with an operational strategy that aims to encompass customer success, SDS delivers services that optimize the customer’s business processes.

2. Platform performance


According to our customers, our platform has a 99.9% up-time, proving to be the most stable and reliable product in the market.

We focus on ensuring High Availability of the services that we offer.

Using high availability reduces the risk of lost revenue and customers in the event of internet connectivity or power outage. SDS has successfully been able to deliver value on the lines of revenue addition, improved market penetration, enhanced control over distribution and optimized cost-efficiency for the telecom operators. Our platform is designed for continuity and enables tolerance for downtime and service unavailability.


3. Continued innovation

Innovation is at the heart of ongoing Digital Transformation throughout the industry. Click To Tweet

bringing about innovation

With the end-consumer (subscriber) being a well-informed and well-connected member of the society, telecom operators need to continuously alter their approach to retain their market share. SDS offers “customizable” solutions for its customers to bring the benefits of digital technology to the arena of telecom world. We plan, we strategise and we deliver products that match the market dynamics, are highly competitive and at the same time save the costs for the customers.