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In today’s market, the traditional, linear approach of creating a product and pushing it to sales does not suffice; companies need to incentivize, motivate, and add in a KPI factor to achieve the desired results. More often than not, the market pull is not enough to generate target sales or revenue, hence market push through a systematic campaign management system is warranted. 

Given the fast-moving and evolving landscape of the telecom industry, a more sophisticated and agile campaign management approach aimed towards resellers or agents is required in order to attain higher revenues and increased customer retention. The fundamental aim of a proficient campaign management system (CMS) is to create, manage, and monitor promotion campaigns for incentivizing resellers and agents to achieve the goal of increased sales. 

Efficacy of campaign management systems

CMS is essentially a software tool that incorporates business intelligence and caters to the entire promotional needs of telecom operators while ensuring the capability to analyze and calculate the effectiveness of campaigns over time. This in turn enables service providers to make better and well-informed decisions. Through the efficient automation of complex marketing campaigns and incentive management, CMS maximizes the impact and effectiveness of campaigns. Given that this solution facilitates the generation of data in real-time, it can also be used to calculate ROI and the overall performance of campaigns. Additionally, the interactive and user-friendly UI makes it easier for marketers to run multiple iterations of a campaign by altering various aspects. 

CMS workflow

Best practices for telecom companies

It has become increasingly important for campaigns to have timely and appropriate interaction since they are more effective in generating higher success rates and ‘higher marketing return on investment’. The modus operandi for such campaigns is sending the right marketing messages to resellers and agents at the right time and through the most appropriate channels. These types of campaigns are built on the premise that it is imperative to select the right segment of resellers or regions, who are most likely to yield effective results. Tracking the performance of the on-going campaign and changing the incentive strategy accordingly is also a crucial factor in determining the success of the campaigns. 

Key features of CMS

CMS hierarchy

One of the most crucial aspects of the campaign management system is its capacity to design, create, and manage tailor-made campaigns for various promotional purposes. It is imperative for the CMS platforms to provide an end-to-end solution that can incorporate multiple modules and various elements to suit the dynamic needs of the telecom customer. The Seamless Campaign Management System is a comprehensive solution that uses automation coupled with the agility to run effective and targeted campaigns. Some of the most prominent features of this CMS solution includes multi-purpose, region-based, and product-based campaigns. Through this platform, the back-office sales and marketing teams in telecom are able to manually segment and create a customized list of resellers based on transactions or channels, along with complete visibility of interactive reports and analytics.


The target segment of the campaign receives intelligent promotion alerts and reminders to encourage active participation and the possibility of instant bonus upon target completion.

Benefits of CMS for telecom operators

With the help of a campaign management system, differentiated campaigns and incentive criteria are applied to different segments of regions based on their unique selling characteristics and interests, which are denoted by the data. This essentially leads to not only growth in sales and revenue but also uses personalized campaign incentives to turn dormant resellers into active ones. 

One of the most instrumental elements of the CMS platform is the increased visibility and transparency of the various aspects, like sales growth, of the campaign. This valuable information can facilitate the operators in designing data-driven and targeted campaigns which consequently enables them to derive actionable insights and generate results that are in the best financial interest of the operator.

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