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Seamless Distribution Systems, over the years, has established themselves as a leading supplier for electronic distribution systems. Our platform empowers more than 23 customers worldwide and gives unparalleled stability along with diverse features to enhance performance of our customers.


SDS’ ability to deliver value anywhere and everywhere makes it a truly global company, enabling digital distribution for service providers, retailers and distributors. From the deserts of middle east to the snow peaked alps of Europe and from African forests to sandy islands of North America, we continue to expand and thrive across continents. As a testament to our continuous expansion, we have now anchored in the North American region through service enablement of one of the powerful and newly formed telecom operators of Bahamas, i.e., NewCo which has been rebranded to “Aliv”.

SDS is proud to be the vending partners of one of the strongest telecom operators of Bahamas that are rolling out and expanding within the geography in record time. The telecom industry in general faces cut-throat competition where they have to be strategically innovative to retain and grow their market share and tactically operative and cost effective to improve margins. Against the backdrop of this staggering competition, Aliv Bahamas entrusted Seamless with end-to-end system development, deployment and operations to power up their digital value distribution.


Prior to the launch of Aliv, Bahamian Telecom Market had only one operator that is partly owned by the Government. The commercial launch of Aliv put an end to the long-standing monopoly of the Bahamas Telecommunications Company. Aliv secured the license to operate in 2015 with instructions to start operations at earliest. They were asked to commit to achieving 99% network population coverage in New Providence and 80% population coverage in Grand Bahama. Faced by a strict timeline whilst aiming to deliver top notch services, Aliv sought only the expert vendors to facilitate them in their journey.


SDS backed Aliv operations through its robust and stable Transaction Switch platform, branded as Electronic Recharge System (ERS 360°). SDS met the critical delivery timelines of the project and maintained close contact with the customer to understand their exact needs and rectify any blocker. High responsiveness of our sales and development team enabled swift deployment of a strong operational foundational platform for Aliv.


The success of a telecom company depends upon gaining deeper knowledge and understanding of the whole ecosystem and deploying systems that enable those ecosystems to not only survive but perform optimally. This requires understanding the market, entering into the right partnerships and offering customers un-paralleled service along with world-class products. SDS enables telecom operators to develop these capabilities that allow them to thrive in the highly competitive environment.

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