This case study covers Aliv, a Bahamian telecom operator, that entrusted Seamless to set up and automate the supply and distribution through customer-centric digitization. This included end-to-end system development, deployment, and fully digitized operations. The aim was to overcome the monopoly in the Bahamian telecom sector with a commitment to provide innovative products and services. This was achieved by strong operational platforms that enabled world-class offerings at POS. 

Challenge, Danger, Issues
YOY sales growth


Based on the key pain points and the objectives of the telecom operator, a fully digitised automated distribution platform was deployed by Seamless. Given the integrability, feature-richness, need-based customization, and high uptime, this platform allowed Aliv to offer digital real-time recharge, airtime, VAS, and data bundles.This not only resulted in superior services for the subscribers but also generated higher revenue for Aliv per POS.