An e-wallet that enables exceptional mobile money experiences – Mollet

Digital wallets that transform mobile phones into digital payment and money transfer tools to help service providers deliver financial services to the unbanked community

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How Mollet helps you grow your business

A versatile mobile money wallet

A highly secured digital value account that allows users to store, send and receive money directly from their mobile phones, without the need to carry cash or cards

Easy bill payments

A dynamic payment and commerce solution that allows users to pay their bills as well as make payments to merchandisers anywhere through their stored value accounts

Seamless money transfers

A user-friendly platform that allows users to transfer money digitally between two account holders, be it agent-to-agent or user-to-user

Speed to market

Deploy new features and services cost-effectively with a fast go-to-market strategy with our APIs and solutions

Business expansion at scale

A global payment network that helps your business grow across new markets with a simple integration

Common Use Cases

User & Merchant Onboarding
Cash In/Cash Out
Over-the Counter/Online Payment
Bill Payments
Agent Onboarding
Salary Disbursements

How does it work

All our Mobile Money services are pre-funded which means:


Seamless handles electronic money against actual funds placed in a settlement account at a partner bank

The settlements are made in physical money before the equivalent electronic money is transferred within the system

Key features


Fully integrated and automated process from initial customer on-boarding (data capture) to managing entire customer data lifecycle

Sophisticated audit trails

All-inclusive platform provides improved control and traceability of data with enhanced commercial cross-selling opportunities

360 Security, AML & Compliance

A robust system that champions data security and fraud managements to ensure that each realtime transaction is protected through the highest security standards

User-friendly management tools

Manage your business and admin permissions, access dashboards, and make decisions based on your results with an intuitive portal

Cloud-based solution

Manage operations on our cloud-based platform that ensures round-the-clock availability and high performance

Top-tier customer support

Run operations with confidence through our nifty analytics and 24/7 NOC support

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