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 Future outlook of telecom sales and distribution


Across the world, the pandemic has uncovered extensive vulnerabilities and weaknesses in existing telecom systems or platforms; and has further accentuated the need for developing a robust digital ecosystem. In an effort to stay resilient in the face of future force majeure events like the Covid-19 pandemic, it is pivotal for telecom companies to increase investment in digital transformation solutions for S&D.

This comprehensive guide provides telecom operators with information on how to upgrade their S&D to provide a smooth and consistent customer experience through all touch points by focusing on the omni-channel approach.

This guide talks about:

  • How the COVID-19 crisis has further highlighted the need for responsiveness and robust sales and distribution network
  • How do telecom operators build momentum and drive growth in the pandemic stricken economy
  • Which digitization and data-driven strategies are needed to mitigate risks and optimize costs for telecoms
  • How can telcos address the pandemic challenges and devise a future roadmap
  • What strategic initiatives telcos can take to enhance digital engagement
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