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Challenges and solutions for optimizing the value chain for digital value distribution in the telecom industry

The power of digital distribution


As the mobile industry continues to mature, telecom operators need to stay competitive in the digital value distribution space and optimize their go to market model. To do this, telecom operators should work closely with distributors to fully master factors that have a critical impact on short and long term revenue. Resellers and distributors must also strategically plan and remain ahead of consumer demands and market trends.

This comprehensive guide aims to help telecom operators better understand the challenges and critical success factors for optimizing their go to market model and define what functionalities digital distribution solutions need to provide to be successful.

This guide talks about:

  • Position of the modern digital value distributor
  • Activities a distributor should master
  • Distribution development in a mature telecom market
  • Challenges for telecom value distribution 
  • Expectations from a value distribution solution

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