Inventory & Distribution Management (IDM)

An end-to-end full-scale retail market solution for all the supply chain management functions, to track and manage inventory, sales, and entities throughout the order lifecycle.

How does it work?

Through Inventory & Distribution Management, the complete process of inventory planning, ordering, and real-time performance management can be conveniently managed through user-friendly applications. The solution is configured for all entities within the supply chain ecosystem. The most important stakeholders for the telecom operator are given user control according to business rules: the back-end business manager, sales and delivery agents, and POS.
IDM enables you to:

  • Manage and keep track of the digital and physical products through their lifecycle, from manufacturing unit to the last mile delivery
  • Trace complete trips and routes assigned to the agents, enabling better visibility of the ongoing operations on the field and at the POS terminals
  • Define goal-driven campaigns and incentives to maximize sales
  • Gather field data and market insights
  • Fast and quick recruitment and KYC of entities for onboarding

Manage and optimize distribution and supply chain networks to ensure effective operations management.

Achieve efficiency and productivity through

 Inventory & Distribution Management

Faster and easy to use modular solutions that leverage a data-driven approach to optimization

POS management
Distributor management
Stock management
Agent management
Delivery management
Sales monitoring

Why does your supply and distribution network need IDM?

With an increased focus on aggressive marketing and sales efforts to ensure that a business achieves its top-line revenues and growth, it becomes challenging for companies to keep track of and control their on-ground sales efforts and the respective ROI.

Seamless’ Inventory & Distribution Management is a comprehensive solution that allows telecom operators and other service providers to materialize benefits that come from the ability to track inventory and on-ground sales network throughout the distribution chain. Improve and optimize inventory and stock management, enhance sales operations, and ensure that POS is always equipped with the right products to sell.

Who can use IDM?

Inventory & Distribution Management is a fully-functional enterprise-level tool with retail capability, which can be used by virtually any company in the business of distributing a product, be it physical or digital.

From SIM cards to data bundles, to wireless modems to recharge voucher cards, this next-gen supply chain management and optimization solution is capable to manage distribution and delivery for the entire product range of telecom operators and service providers alike.


Key features

Seamless’ Inventory & Distribution Management is a comprehensive solution to track the flow of stock, optimize the order fulfillment process through products’ lifecycle, and manage all entities for a business.

Inventory management

Complete with flexible product definition, tracking stock movement and levels

Order management

Capability to capture multi-product sales and orders by retailers, POS, or dealers

Targets & incentives

Goal-driven, ‘gamified’ campaign management to maximize business performance

Payment & reconciliation

Multiple payment options and visibility on order vs. payment for reconciliation

Business intelligence

Reports and dashboards with advanced features like demand forecasting etc.

Route optimization

Automated, data-driven trips management for the sales agent

Intelligent alerts

Interactive actionable alerts with customized thresholds

Multi-product support

Digital, physical as well as marketing assets can be seamlessly managed

Real-time indicators

Geo-mapped real-time indicators on products, stock, and entities

Omni-channel access

Supports web & mobile application for visibility and optimization of the entire value chain

Customer success stories

Our consultants are available to discuss your growth strategy and chalk out a plan to maximize sales and distribution performance for your business