Seamless is a public company with shares traded on the NASDAQ OMX stock exchange, ticker “SEAM”.

Anyone can buy shares in Seamless and today there are more than 3000 shareholders.

Take a look at ten of our largest shareholders as of today.


10 largest shareholders as of 2017-09-30Number of sharesShare of total #
Goldman Sachs NY8 604 64514,64%
Danske Invest Sverige Fokus4 099 5006,97%
Goldman Sachs UK3 557 0006,05%
Avanza Pension3 391 7565,77%
Credit Suisse Switzerland3 146 2555,35%
Fredell & CO AB2 313 3653,93%
Timber Hill Europé 1 243 7092,12%
Kent Carlbom976 2801,66%
Contigo Förvaltning AB826 6341,40%
UBS Switzerland753 2071,28%
Other shareholders29 852 95450,80%
Total number of shares58 765 305100,00%


Note :

  • All shareholders with 5% or more of total numbers of shares have been listed here.
  • The page is updated every quarter.
  • Should a shareholder surpass a 5% level of ownership, this table will be updated immediately.
  • Some large shareholders are also on our insider registry. Their holdings are updated with every transaction and shown, including shares of those closely associated to them.