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Life at SDS

Employee Spotlight: Tom Vervoot

Tom Vervoort Director Key Account Management & Business Development As an Account Manager and a S&D Subject Matter Expert, Tom Vervoot juggles many roles at SDS. In this capacity, he…
April 26, 2022
Life at SDS

Employee Spotlight: Shahrukh Mushtaq

Shahrukh Mushtaq, Operations Manager for Middle East and Pakistan, makes it a personal mission to ensure customer satisfaction, minimizing service interruption with  product deployment, and primarily works towards achieving excellent…
October 4, 2021
Life at SDS

Employee Spotlight: Emmanuel Avisseh

Emmanuel Avisseh, head of customer operations in Africa, is responsible for handling the support, day-to-day operations and solution implementation activities for the customers in that geographic region. What he does…
July 6, 2021