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Financial Services

Seamless Distribution Systems has combined its technology and transactional expertise to the financial domain to deliver financial services to the informal sector. Our fast and secure financial service portfolio includes Micro Credit and a range of Mobile Financial Services.

  • Cost-effective channel to deliver financial services to previously unbanked mass market
  • Easily integrable with the existing infrastructure of service providers
  • Generates new transaction flow to optimize resource utilization and cost

Mobile Financial Services

Seamless Distribution Systems (SDS) transforms the mobile phone into a digital payment and money transfer tool, enabling easy access to mobile financial services for those who have limited resources or restricted access to traditional banking and financial services.

How it works?

SDS’ secure and customized end-to-end Mobile Financial Services (MFS) ensure the reach and scalability of our customer’s value delivery business models. These services are pre-funded, which means that all the electronic money that it handles exist as funds against physical money in a settlement account at a partner bank, before the equivalent electronic money can be transferred within the system. Wide range of services include MWallet (a digital mobile wallet), payment and commerce solution as well as peer-to-peer transfer.

MWallet is a highly secured digital stored value account that allows users to store, send and receive money directly from their mobile phones, without the need to carry cash or cards.
Payment and commerce solution allows users to pay their bills as well as make payments to merchandisers anywhere anytime through their stored value accounts.
Peer-to-peer transfer allows digital monetary transfers between two account holders, be it agent-to-agent or user-to-user.

Why does your business need Mobile Financial Services?

  • Highly adaptable to varying customer requirements
  • Reduced churn rate and improved reseller and customer loyalty
  • Increased sales with improved ARPU for the service provider
  • Simple to use – no cumbersome registration process

Key Features

Merchant and User Management

  • Merchant registration
  • PIN policy management
  • PIN reset for agent/subscriber

Transaction Management

  • Business rules and transaction limits for agent/subscribers
  • Transaction reversal

Report Management

  • Account administration
  • Reconciliation reports
  • Monthly account statements

Voucher Management

  • Voucher Import

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