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Financial Services

Seamless Distribution Systems has combined its technology and transactional expertise to the financial domain to deliver financial services to the informal sector. Our fast and secure financial service portfolio includes Micro Credit and a range of Mobile Financial Services.

  • Cost-effective channel to deliver financial services to previously unbanked mass market
  • Easily integrable with the existing infrastructure of service providers
  • Generates new transaction flow to optimize resource utilization and cost

Micro Credit

Micro Credit, a value-added service designed on the premise of “what the consumer needs”, provides ease of access of airtime stock credit to resellers of a telecom operator when they run out of balance, without disrupting the normal flow of business. Micro Credit is an open and transparent service with a clear reporting structure. The telecom operator incurs zero cost, capital expenditure or credit risk as all investment is managed and handled by SDS.

How it works?

With proven experience in managing high volume transactions, SDS acts as a virtual strategic dealer and provides instant loan to ensure reseller business continuity at all times. This dynamic service is powered by intelligent user profiling and is capable of recovering the loan amount automatically at the time of next recharge.

To get a limited amount of loan, resellers dial a pre-defined USSD short code. Micro Credit system receives the request and after performing various verifications and validations, processes the disbursement of loan amount accordingly.

Key Features

Robust Analytics

Operational, Transactional, Recovery, Utilization, Bad Debt and Reconciliation reports with export functionality

User Self-Care Module

Resellers request and receive micro credit, check eligibility as well as access their account history through this module

Recovery Engine

Interacts with the Credit Engine to determine the recovery amounts, comes with automatic loan recovery

Customer Care Module

Empowers the telecom operator to monitor performance and check transaction history through an interactive web interface

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