SEQR is the only fully integrated mobile phone payment solution handling the entire   transaction chain, from customer through to settlement. Through our state of the art technology, we have created the easiest, secure, and most cost effective payment system.

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The ERS 360°, the Seamless transaction platform, handles distribution of topup and other e-products in 30 countries. In Europe, Seamless is setting up our own distribution network servicing all channels with topup and other e-products. The Seamless offer includes solutions for retail, banks and distributors for off-line and on-line sales.

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With the ever-growing need for easy and readily accessible top-up system, the challenge for the mobile operators is to provide robust and cost-effective solutions for their end users. We at Seamless understands the need of both service providers and end users and have come up with a reliable top up solution that facilitates and enhances the efficiency of the entire flow of prepaid recharge.

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ERS 360˚

Through our ERS 360˚ Transaction Switch, Seamless provides mobile payment solutions, remittances and electronic distribution of products and services globally. Our mission is to offer consumers, retail and service providers the most versatile, scalable and secure transaction technology as well as the most innovative services in the market.

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Managed Operations

Seamless provides a flexible support offering. Our most advanced service is Managed Operations, where we release you from the duties of operating the ERS 360° platform. You leave this in our capable hands and get a single point of contact for all dealings with platform operations.

The benefit is access to Seamless experts 24/7 both for routine management and emergency questions.

Furthermore, our engineers come on-site each quarter to review the status and make required adjustments. We monitor your system round the clock and act on alerts from the system or from your customer service. On a weekly and monthly basis you get in-depth reporting on system functionality and we conduct monthly reviews where we address matters of key concern like capacity and performance.

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