Electronic Distribution is the emerging trend for mobile recharge. It has especially grown as a dramatically cost-reducing distribution method in the emerging markets. The e-recharge system is not only the reliable and secure means of airtime top-up but has enabled the telecom operators to reach out to extensively large customer bases with convenient roll-out strategy.

With the ever-growing need for easy and readily accessible top-up system, the challenge for the mobile operators is to provide robust and cost-effective solutions for their end users. We at Seamless understands the need of both service providers and end users and have come up with a reliable top up solution that facilitates and enhances the efficiency of the entire flow of prepaid recharge.

As a three-in-one multi solution our Electronic Recharge System (ERS 360) is designed and developed to provide efficient management system for service providers, ensure security and convenience of air-time stock to resellers and provide an all-time availability of top-up anywhere, anytime for end users.

Seamless’ e-recharge system with proven delivery and deployments globally offers reliable, efficient and highly convenient experience for users to top up their prepaid accounts in real-time, within seconds. Our platform has outdone the traditional way of recharging accounts through scratch cards and has instead provided a more flexible and effective way of recharging your prepaid accounts.


Electronic Distribution System Features

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Benefits of E-Recharge

Seamless’ Electronic Voucher Distribution enables an unprecedented access to prepaid recharge, literally anywhere and anytime. The distribution system not only allows for increased revenue generation with reduction in costs, ease of access to markets and better inventory management but also draw new customers into the stores.

Some of the key benefits include:


Cost Efficiency

The key value difference between electronic recharge and physical recharge is that the latter is costly both in terms of its generation and stock keeping. The printing, distribution, warehousing and transportation costs associated with the scratch cards amount to a hefty sum and then there is the added risk of damages/fraud. Comparatively the e-recharge system eliminates all such costs resulting in higher margins.


Enhanced Control and Better Management

Our Electronic Recharge System provides centralised control to the service providers and mobile operators to better manage the entire flow chain of distributors and resellers. From the generation of e-pins to their redemption, and from credit transfers to user-end top-ups, the entire flow of e-recharge is centrally controlled and managed and that enables operating companies to channel their resources in an efficient manner with increased accounting and management control.

Efficient Distribution Channel Flow

The flexibility of our system allows the operating companies to assign the required number of layers within the distribution hierarchy and choose the desired parent-child and siblings’ relationships within each branch of the hierarchy tree. The operator can then assign the scope of services, region-wise operations capabilities and location-based promotions for each channel partner. Moreover, what makes the entire distribution flow highly efficient is the real time interaction between all the layers of the hierarchy with no time lost in supply chain.

Improved Market Penetration

One of the most lucrative advantages of electronic recharge is that it allows you to readily expand the scale and scope of your distribution and retail channels unlike before. There is extended access to geographical locations in a very orderly fashion, improvement in market penetration through access of remote areas and ready availability of e-recharge, wherever there is a mobile network available.


Low Capital Investment and Increased Productivity

Electronic Recharge Distribution system enables easy entry for resellers into the flow chain of prepaid recharge distribution since the capital investment as well as the working capital cost is remarkably low. All they need is a mobile phone to get registered with the operator and they are set to start the business.

Moreover, the ease of buying small volumes of stock and the all-time availability of instant replenishments, enable low working costs and increased productivity with better opportunities to excel.


Increased Motivation

The additional benefit of our e-recharge system is that it is very dynamic in its approach. It allows the operators to implement a flexible and highly productive incentive system to improve motivation level of distributors and resellers. There is a dedicated bonus and commission module, which allows configuration of value and amount based commissions to incentivise the network of resellers and distributors.


Competitive Edge

The system not only puts you in the driving seat with extensive cost reductions in distribution flow but also allows the operating companies to quickly respond to the changing dynamics of the market with flexibility of adding new features like improved tariffs for the subscribers and configuration of competitive moves like enabling value based promotions or region based restrictions to improve the channel flow. Moreover, with region wise sales reports and other analytical tools, our system provides business intelligence to configure sales and marketing specific strategies to improve revenue margins and achieve optimal productivity.

E-Top Up

E-top up is the most advanced and efficient way of recharging prepaid accounts. It is both a fast and readily accessible means of recharging mobile accounts and a highly cost effective means for channel partners and service providers to manage the entire flow of top up process.

The e-top up method for recharging prepaid accounts is the way forward as it can revamp the entire cost structure for mobile operators. What it does is:

  • improve the reseller distribution network,
  • provide better and all-time control over stock flow
  • cut down the distribution and management costs significantly

On the user end side, with our multi solution system, prepaid recharge is anywhere and everywhere. The flexibility of choosing a desired top-up amount and not being restricted by the pre-defined denominations is a big plus for the users. The brilliancy of the system is that it puts up the value payment made at a retail outlet against a subscriber’s prepaid account in real time regardless of the channel used.


The e-top up involves request initiation by a retailer for a direct recharge of subscriber’s account. The reseller can use his mobile phone or other devices like POS or a computer or even through Web and Web Services to do a quick recharge of the subscriber amount. The subscriber’s account is automatically recharged against the specified amount without the subscriber going through any hassle of entering the e-pin or scratch card number. Thus, our automated Electronic Recharge System enables the true experience of ‘anytime, anywhere, any value top-up’.


Voucher based recharge has rapidly become the preferred way to recharge prepaid services especially mobile recharge. In the recent years, prepaid service operators including Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) have largely adopted the electronic distribution of PINs which is the convenient and profitable way to replace physical scratch cards with e-PINs. The operators often generate and hand over the e-PINs in bulk to a third party service provider. This is where we come in. We invest in e-voucher distribution technology to provide expert services to the operators as we control, manage and maintain their distribution system to ensure uninterrupted and extensive penetration of e-vouchers in the targeted markets.

In contrast to scratch cards, electronic voucher system reduces cost and logistics related issues for operators. It saves the operator from the trouble and cost of printing, storing, transporting and stocking the physical cards. Moreover, the electronic voucher distribution method eliminates the risk of theft, damage and fraud related to scratch cards.


E-voucher process involves printing of e-PIN from a POS terminal against payment made at retail outlet or SMS request initiated by a reseller to send the e-Pin to the subscriber’s mobile phone.

The subscriber can then recharge the prepaid account by using that e-Pin as per the service provider’s instructions. Both reseller and subscriber receives confirmation messages for the successful transactions.

Thus, the electronic voucher as a means of e-recharge is not just a better replacement for the scratch cards but is an innovative way to bring costs substantially down.

Value Added Services (VAS)

1. Anonymous ID Feature

For privacy reasons subscribers do not want to share their MSISDN with resellers, therefore this feature would facilitate subscribers with an alias number, which can be used for prepaid top up, by subscribers.

 2. Location Capture and Restrictions Feature

Location capture and restrictions feature can be extremely helpful for operator Sales & Marketing teams to materialize the low performing areas by defining region based promotions to boost the sales of that particular region. The promotions may be defined based on the sender and receiver locations and can depend on the number of transactions or the value of the transaction in a specific region. The operator, using this value added feature, can also put region-based restrictions to improve the channel flow. Moreover, this feature is extremely useful in analyzing top-up patterns, initiating real time targeted promotions with respect to geographical locations and at the same time allows a real time control over the distribution hierarchy.

3. Friends & Family (FAF)

FAF feature allows subscribers to include their Friends and Family members numbers in a special group, which enables subscriber to enjoy special tariff plans towards these numbers. The MSISDNs of the Friends & Family should belong to same operator as the subscriber.