Managed Operations

Managed operations

Seamless provides a flexible support offering. Our most advanced service is Managed Operations, where we release you from the duties of operating the ERS 360° platform. You leave this in the good hands of Seamless expertise and get a single point of contact for all dealings with platform operations.

With Managed Operations, you benefit from access to Seamless experts 24/7. A single point of contact handles all routine queries and management, and an engineer is available around the clock for emergency situations.

You further get on site visits by our engineer each quarter to review the status and make required adjustments. We monitor your system round the clock and act on alerts from the system or from your customer service. On weekly and monthly basis you get rich reports on system performance and we perform monthly reviews where we report matters of key concerns like capacity and performance. Seamless Managed Operations makes your operations both cost-effective and simple.