The payment revolution

SEQR (se•cure) is Sweden’s and Europe’s most used mobile wallet in stores and online. SEQR enables anybody with a smartphone to pay in stores, at restaurants, parking lots, online and in-app. Users can also transfer money at no charge, store receipts digitally and receive offers and promotions directly through one mobile app.

SEQR offer the merchant 50% in reduction to payment card interchange and no capital investment requirements. SEQR as method of payment is also completely independent of PCI and traditional card networks.

SEQR is based on Seamless’ technology, a mobile phone payment and transaction service using QR codes & NFC on the front-end and Seamless’ proven transaction server on the back-end. SEQR is the only fully-integrated mobile phone payment solution handling the entire transaction chain, from customer through to settlement. Through our state of the art technology, we have created the easiest, secure, and most cost effective payment system.

With over a decade of successful innovation, and over 3.1 billion transactions processed every year on behalf of leading mobile network operators, banks, retailers and distributors, in both developed and emerging markets, supporting virtually all kinds of access channel, Seamless can with confidence say we know every aspect of payments and distribution, no matter where you are.

With our 4th generation ERS360° architecture, Seamless has the capabilities to redefine how mobile payments are done, and with SEQR we are ready to revolutionize the way we perform payments.

While other financial mobile services focus on inventing solutions without reducing any costs, SEQR offers the most innovative approach payment processing, customer experience, and most importantly cost savings.

Download the SEQR app. Available for iPhone, Android and Windows (coming in 2014).

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SEQR challenges the card companies monopoly and in the process saves you 50% in transaction fees & interchange fees, without requiring any expensive equipment or complicated implementation. This equals huge savings in both time and money, something we all are passionate about.

Transactions with SEQR are completely secure and problem free. Instant notification of monetary transfers eliminates risks and painful collection processes.

Customer Experience
Your customers appreciate SEQR as it reduces check-out times, as well as the convenience of leaving your wallet at home. SEQR enables you to facilitate direct communication with your customers through their mobile devices, with integrated offers of rebates, promotions, and loyalty programs.


Financial transactions are now available at your fingertips through your mobile device. With SEQR there is no longer a need to carry a wallet. There is no more need to spend that time sorting out the various receipts in your wallet. Your transactions are digitally stored in your mobile application, allowing you the possibility to peruse and organize your purchases on your mobile phone or your computer. An environmentally smart and convenient service cannot be wrong!

Your in-store experience is now much easier and engaging, providing you more time and energy to enjoy your shopping. SEQR is a system that enables a quick and seamless checkout, as well as offering a more efficient way to keep track of rebates, offers, and loyalty programs directly in your mobile phone.

Your payments are encrypted and secured through your pin-code. As there is no longer need for any bank- or creditcard details, you do not have to worry about card scams or fraud.