Seamless Reseller Mobile Application

Reseller app is the one app for managing and distributing digital products with improved reseller engagement.


Ensures fool-proof security by managing access control, authentication, encryption and validations


Highly customizable as well as scalable to suit your distribution needs with multi-lingual support for fast global roll-out

QR-Code Ready

Ensuring privacy of subscriber’s phone number & minimizing the risk of error through QR code scan

White Label

Get your own white label app to boost your business operations and power up the distribution chain

Seamless Reseller is the master app to manage and automate the distribution of digital products through a network of resellers. It connects securely and seamlessly with the proprietary digital distribution platform and keeps the end-to-end value chain of distribution under one umbrella, the seamless umbrella.

The app not only complements the smartphone penetration but also creates a valuable communication link with the network of resellers. The ability to customize and scale, allows the service provider to manage sales performance, reseller levels and financial transactions for efficient and optimized operations.

Service provider increases revenue, improve market penetration and enhance distribution control while enabling better user experience for the reseller network. Resellers simply download the app to get registered and carry out functionalities right from the convenience of their phones.

With Seamless Reseller App, improve your market penetration and optimize supply and distribution while enabling better user experience for resellers!