Growth Solutions

We use our expertise to deliver complete end-to-end marketing and business solutions that help businesses optimize their operations, increase efficiency thereby resulting in high-speed growth and profit maximization. We do this by offerings tools that help businesses:

  • Run targeted promotional campaigns towards their agents (sales staff) through a user-friendly campaign manager (Campaign Management System) that comes equipped with an in-built comprehensive reporting system
  • Track the flow of stock, optimize the order fulfillment process through products’ lifecycle, and manage all entities for a business through an Enterprise level solution “Sales Force Optimization”

Sales Force Optimization (SFO)

Sales Force Optimization (SFO) is a complete multi-product supply chain management solution, enabling effective management and tracking of products through order lifecycle, agent trip optimization and route planning along with complete market and insights analysis.

How it works?

Businesses can access a user-friendly web portal for Order, Inventory and Trip planning as well as real-time performance monitoring. User roles allow Sales Managers to manage, monitor and optimize their sales, entire supply chain network as well as order fulfillment process of their digital and physical products. On the other hand, sales agent on ground activities are also streamlined through a dedicated mobile application. SFO has 4 modules:

  1. Order & Inventory Management
  2. Trip Management & Route-tracking
  3. Information & Market Insights Management
  4. Recruitment & KYC

Why does your business need SFO?

With increased focus on aggressive marketing and sales efforts to ensure that a business achieves its top line revenues and growth, it becomes challenging for companies to keep track of and control their on-ground sales efforts and the respective ROI.

Seamless’ Sales Force Optimization is a comprehensive solution to track the flow of stock, optimize the order fulfillment process through products’ lifecycle, and manage all entities for a business.


Who can use SFO?

SFO is a dynamic enterprise level tool, which can be used by virtually any company in the business of distributing a product, be it a physical product or digital and even intangible like information.

Key Features

Route optimization

Trips are managed and optimized intelligently by the system for the sales agent

Intelligent Alerts

Interactive actionable alerts with customized thresholds

Multi-product support

Digital, physical as well as marketing assets are supported

Smartphone application

To manage end-to-end agent activities related to orders, visits and stocks

Real-time indicators

Geo-mapped real time indicators on products, stock and entities

Web-based dashboard

Visibility and optimization of entire value chain along with comprehensive report

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