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Promotion & Marketing Services

SDS allows service providers to run targeted promotional campaigns towards their agents/resellers (sales staff) through a user friendly campaign manager that comes equipped with an in-built comprehensive reporting system. The Campaign Management System leads to increased sales and decreased customer churn for service providers.

  • Region-based promotions for intelligent sales target management
  • Purpose built campaigns, for real-time or time-lapsed bonuses
  • Alerts and notifications to motivate target groups of a particular campaign

Campaign Management System

Campaign Management System is designed to create, manage and monitor promotional campaigns to increase usage, promote a product/service or improve sales for service providers.

How it works?

The service provider creates a promotional campaign, sets a target and correspondingly selects rewards for those who meet the target. The promotion criteria as well as rewards could be set as per the business needs and can be different for resellers, based on their region, transaction type, reseller level and other parameters.

Why does your business need Campaign Management System?

Campaign Management System is the fast, cost-effective and reliable means of creating promotional campaigns and managing them. With simple Graphical User Interface to set the rules of the promotion, the impact and reach of the system is unprecedented. It has the ability to monitor millions of transactions and disperse rewards to thousands of resellers in real time.

Who can use Campaign Management System?

Campaign Management System allows to create tailor-made campaigns to suit the needs of each unique campaign and reward the outperformers accordingly.

  • Mobile Network Operators (MNOs): The system allows the service provider to set predefined rules of incentives to encourage high sales and increased transaction volumes amongst distributors and resellers
  • Retailers: Drive loyalty campaigns for your retail customers and promote sales
  • Food Chains: Discounts and rewards can be managed through the system
  • Distributors: Distributors can incentivise their network of resellers through creating multi-purpose campaigns

Key Features

Multi-purpose campaigns

Create tailor made campaigns for different promotional and advertising purposes

Bonus Disbursement

Disbursement of bonus amount to qualified participants in real-time or after the campaign ends

Region based campaigns

Geo-location sensitive campaigns to set different targets and rewards for different region

Campaign Reports

Create detailed interactive reports from the all-in-one campaign management GUI

Intelligent Promotion Alerts

Encourage active participation through alerts to participants at different levels of a campaign