Modernise your sales experience and strategize for omnichannel retailing with Unified POS

Close more sales at your retail POS and simplify reseller front-end operations by unifying all customer touchpoints in a single platform that’s built to grow with you

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Is Unified POS right for you?

  • You’re looking for better visibility on your POS performance so you can predictably grow revenue
  • You’re experiencing reseller churn because managing different system backends keeps them from making more sales
  • You’re looking to capitalize on the opportunity of having a single UI that allows resellers to operate multiple channels while allowing you to aggregate POS-level insights

We are very pleased with Seamless. With their experience and product range, it was an easy decision to use their digital products to improve our distribution flow. They integrate easily with our existing systems and their support is very satisfactory!

Mr. Ayham MoussaCTIO at MTN Congo Brazzaville

How Unified POS helps you grow your business

Streamline operations at the retail POS

Have all your products and sales channels accessible on a single interface so resellers are always empowered to make high-value sales to maximize revenue in the shortest time possible

Simplify cross-selling with confidence

Boost ARPU by directly integrating with your CVM system to know exactly what a customer needs at the right time

Reduce time-to-market

Grow new product revenue by improving awareness at the POS about ongoing sales campaigns, upcoming opportunities and dealer incentivisation schemes

Ensure business continuity at all levels

Integrate with your Mobile Finacial Services and enable cash-in/cash-out for customers and easy merchant payments with mobile money so there are no wrinkles in the selling process

Generate valuable insights from your field data

Integrate with your BI system to reap actionable insights from your POS based on your existing ground-truth data

With Unified POS, you get a single window interface to

Onboard new subscribers
Generate a voucher
Conduct mobile money transactions
Perform account self-service and access online help
Sim sales and swap
Transfer balance
Sell a product be it physical or digital


Key features


Build as many backend integrations with Unified POS as you need – free of limitations and constraints


Visualize data that’s most relevant to your access level with different dashboards at the Opco, Dealer and Reseller level

Data Security

Protect your data with a centralised view of your backend systems without any data exchange between them

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