Inventory, Distribution & Logistics Management with (IDM)

A single platform to optimize sales performance and automate retail operations across direct, indirect, and online sales channels for telcos. All with inventory automation, inventory fulfilment and last-mile delivery of physical products in a comprehensive sales distribution and dealer management platform

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Is IDM right for you?

  • You have a growing portfolio of physical products – SIMs, scratch cards, voucher cards, wireless modems, phones, IoT hardware and more – and you’re looking to grow this revenue stream
  • Your existing physical supply chains are costly and you’re looking to better meet dynamic demand, optimize network usage, and reduce churn
  • You need more visibility on stock and agent activity across multiple distribution chains to improve control and make data-informed decisions

Our business relies on Seamless’s robust platform to manage our end-go-end sales channel enabling us to increase our competitiveness and customer focus. We are very pleased with Seamless, as they understand our business needs and deliver a platform that is aligned with our strategies and business objectives.

Igor Yegnon - GM S&D at MTN BeninCIO at Aliv Bahamas

How IDM helps you grow your business

Grow sales with certainty

Ensure that your Points-of-Sale are always equipped with the right products to sell with inventory automation that makes stock-outs a thing of the past

Nip revenue leakage in the bud

Track inventory and on-ground sales network throughout the distribution chain with integration insights to always keep track of activated products no matter where they are

Reduce costs and complexities dramatically

Get a 360-degree view of your sales operations, solve inefficiencies across your distribution chain, and manage the complete lifecycle of your products through a single automated platform

Manage dealers and commissions effortlessly

Build and scale your retail distribution network, manage sales and distribution hierarchies and automate commission calculation and disbursement for resellers from a single platform 

Building blocks of IDM

Equally functional as standalone products and as collaborative sub-systems of the platform

Field force management
Order management
Sales monitoring
Market Insights Management
Dealer management
Logistics management
Inventory management

Key features

Seamless’ Inventory & Distribution Management is a comprehensive solution to track the flow of stock, optimize the order fulfillment process through products’ lifecycle, and manage all entities for a business.


Get a bird’s eye view of the overall distribution business with a live map view of sales operations


Integrate with your existing ERP System to centralize auto-generation of POs and auto-scheduling of trips


Forecast and track what’s needed at the POS level to meet dynamic market demand and optimize sales


Empower field agents with on-demand trip scheduling via geocoding and auto-scheduling of trips to newly registered points of sale

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