Manage the entire lifecycle of your digital and physical vouchers with VMS

Streamline product creation and management, PIN generation, dealer distribution, and voucher redemption with our powerful and market responsive Voucher Management System (VMS)

Trusted by the world’s fastest growing MNOs

Is our VMS right for you?

  • You have a portfolio of digital and/or physical vouchers (scratch cards) and you need a simple, fast, and cost-efficient system for producing and managing them
  • In doing this, you often experience complex supply chain distribution processes which affect your sales efficiency and KPIs
  • You’re seeking a versatile Voucher Management System that manages multiple products, is configurable to your unique business needs, improves your market penetration and consistently grows your ARPU

Seamless’ ability to meet demanding needs and requirements driven by a challenging environment, has increased our operational ability in a highly competitive market. Their technology is robust, and they show a business understanding that is helping them to quickly align with our goals and strategies.

Mr. Abbad RedaCEO at MTN Afghanistan

How VMS helps you grow your business

Empower dealers to sell what the market demands

Enable administrators to manage multiple products simultaneously and define both the currency and denomination for the vouchers

Easily map vouchers to all channel members

Track vouchers across distributors, sub-distributors to locate voucher stock that’s near-expiry and redistribute vouchers to prevent stockouts

Personalize products for diverse audience segments at scale

Offer a wider range of voucher types and products to consumers based on service class and real-time location

Track voucher lifecycle through intelligent reporting

Identify slow-moving inventory, voucher stock near-expiry and possible stockouts through our flexible reports

Ensure watertight system security across the board

Deploy strict controls, design choices and operational best practices to ensure system integrity at all times, be it voucher PIN generation or more

Customer Spotlight

How MTN Eswatini improves its retail footprint with Seamless


MTN Eswatini’s legacy system for sales and distribution was both inflexible and unstable, which stunted their growth. The system was also difficult to integrate with other platforms which kept the Opco from consolidating its technology. Additionally, the lack of field information and market insights kept them from making timely data-informed decisions.


MTN Eswatini deployed our flagship dealer management, voucher management and eTopup solution, ERS 360º to instantly move digital value and accelerate growth. By bringing all critical functions into one platform, the Opco quickly consolidated its entire sales & distribution value chain and quickly made them more responsive to customer needs.



increase in yearly transactions


increase in YoY growth for data bundles


increase in agents using MoMo

Key Use Cases

EVD stock purchase

using vouchers

Partial redemption

to help subscribers purchase a voucher once and redeem it multiple times

Bulk return of vouchers

for distributors to return unsold/expired vouchers back to the operator using the self-service UI

External voucher distribution

to enable service providers to sell other operator vouchers through the VMS platform along with third-party service provider vouchers like Amazon, Netflix, Carrefour and more

Order automation

via email or partner portal for distributors to place voucher order requests in bulk

Voucher expiry date extension

(free or for a charge) without the customer having to visit a customer care centre or dialling IVR

PIN-less voucher redemption

for subscribers who purchased a voucher using their MSISDN to redeem vouchers without entering the PIN

Voucher as a Reward (VaaR)

service for supermarket chain customers

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