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Retail Value Management (RVM)

Your fool-proof way to optimize revenue

The telecommunications sector has been expanding rapidly in developing countries. But how can MNOs beat competition and thrive within emerging markets like the APAC and MENA regions? The secret lies in optimizing your retail sales. Whether you’re looking to:

  • ✓ Assess your investment plans or POS positioning for optimal performance
  • ✓ Onboard resellers and customers in minutes
  • ✓ Maximize product reach for higher sales
  • ✓ Optimize field-sales performance in real-time to grow revenue quickly

– our proprietary RVM Suite takes care of it all.

Explore your next winning strategy with RVM

Grow ARPU with better systems, insights, and channel management

Investment Planning with Smart CapEx

Optimize your network CapEx envelope and track performance in real-time

Point of Sale Planning with MyNextPOS

Optimize profit and growth by knowing exactly where to set up your next POS

Digital Onboarding eKYC with Capture

Meet specific user data-capture and digital onboarding needs with complete regulatory compliance.

eTopup, Voucher & Dealer Management with ERS 360

Easily move digital value and build lasting channel loyalty with a platform designed to grow with you.

Inventory, Distribution & Logistics Management with IDM

Enable visibility, management, and tracking of your physical products to the last mile.

Campaign & Dealer Incentives Management with SCC

Motivate resellers to sell more through automated sales campaigns & robust commissions management.

Omnichannel Retail with Unified POS

Unify and modernize retail across all channels through a single digital storefront for all your products.

Instant loans with Microcredit

Increase ARPU, improve financial inclusion and build a stronger reseller network with MFS.

Sales Operations Optimization with Smart S&D

Orient your field agents to where it matters the most by transforming your data into insights.

Synergize efforts and nurture your retail sales with:

  • An all-in-one platform – bring everything you need in one platform to plan, drive, grow and optimize your revenue – all from one place
  • Convergence of the digital and physical – consolide the distribution, selling, and management of both digital and physical products in one flexible suite
  • Better selling experiences – enable sales readiness for retailers and agents at all customer touchpoints with an arsenal of tools, all backed by a high-caliber S&D platform


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