What is Retail Value Management?

The easiest way to capitalize on your presence in pre-paid and cash markets by ensuring both sales growth and reduced OPEX.

Find the right solution with Seamless

What is Retail Value Management?

The easiest way to capitalize on your presence in pre-paid and cash markets by ensuring both sales growth and reduced OPEX.

Find the right solution with Seamless

Your fool-proof way to optimize revenue

Empowering MNOs to enhance customer value is at the heart of what we do. Our Retail Value Management (RVM) Suite empowers you to consolidate your sales and distribution with plug & play products that provide actionable insights into your sales channels. Because by creating a single solution for your revenue teams, you help them come together as one and reach revenue goals faster.

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The Seamless RVM Suite

Build a digital retail ecosystem that carries your business forward by powering both direct and indirect channels of distribution


Evaluate your best options around CapEx Investments and where to assign your next POS for better decision-making


Improve retention through easier and faster onboarding and registration of resellers and subscribers


Drive your Sales & Distribution network with scalable solutions that enable selling digital and physical products, unify and incentivize those selling experiences and easily track and manage your entire value chain


Continuously improve your sales operations with solutions that recommend where to act and what to do with our advanced analytics

Revenue optimization from a single platform

Meticulously designed to help MNOs like you digitize their entire retail journey, consolidate operations and reap actionable insights from their systems.

Sales Engine Pillar

Generates data

End-to-end digital sales & distribution management for any type of product, anywhere

Warehouse-to-POS sales & distribution management and field forces optimization with total visibility

Smart campaign and dealer incentives management across products and services from a single platform

Analytical Pillar

Makes sense of data

A centralized tool that optimizes field commercial operations by recommending where to act and what to do

POS site selection software to optimize profit and growth by knowing exactly where to set up your next POS

A Capex optimization tool that defines your optimal roll-out plan for both wireline and wireless investments to maximize your strategic objectives

Action Pillar

Transforms data into action

A single-window interface for omnichannel retailing of digital and physical products at the POS

Digital KYC solution to streamline reseller and subscriber onboarding and registration

A powerful mobile solution for all your actors on the field

Today, the customer controls when and where they want to engage so your teams need to work closely to facilitate value-selling at all touchpoints. That too, with the help of interconnected solutions that go well with each other. Enter our intuitive Retail Value Management Suite, a distribution management system that enables telecom operators to enhance digital buying and selling experiences and have complete visibility over their supply chain.

Seamless has met and exceeded our needs and expectations in the deployment and launch phase, as well as during the course of the operations through their rich digital technology platforms, business understanding, and market adaptability. We appreciate the excellent customer support that Seamless has extended to us, which has formed the basis of support for some of our most critical business decisions.

Dwayne A. DavisCIO at Aliv Bahamas

Why Seamless?

Single Revenue and Sales Growth Platform

We unify your core business processes and consolidate the data from all your systems into a cohesive, easy-to-use, integrated platform to provide you with unmatched business efficiency.

Future-ready technology

Harness the flexibility of our Microservices and Cloud Native architecture to benefit from a dynamic solution that acts as an enabler for your business by offering you with a sustainable competitive advantage through continuous innovation.

Turning data into insights

Instantly act on your data with our insights-backed portfolio that has been developed with unrivaled expertise in big data and artificial intelligence so you never lose sight of your KPIs

Industry Leader

We pioneered S&D automation. By working with more than 70 MNOs over the past three decades in the telecom industry, we have gathered the expertise and insights to help you build and optimize a retail journey tailored to your business to cut your costs and grow your revenue.

Customer Spotlight

MTN South Africa supercharges sales growth with Seamless


Starting 2015, MTN SA had begun experiencing a substantial drop in their subscribers – from 31 million in 2015 to 29 million in 2019

  • Their retailers were limited in their product offerings and only provided prepaid vouchers to subscribers which curbed their income substantially.
  • It was crucial for them to improve dealer management and nurture loyalty to retain existing resellers while acquiring new ones as well.
  • They were also looking to increase visibility and control of activities of all the agents in the distribution network and obtain a faster time-to-market by meeting dynamic demand.


Our dealer management solution helped MTN SA maintain indefinite reseller hierarchies and gain increased control over their distribution network with real-time reporting. By integrating with their Mobile Money ecosystem, we helped their retailers purchase stock from their mobile money accounts and by automating their banking processes, we enabled a faster revenue turnover with instant gratification for resellers. Our smart campaigns and commissions module further enabled MTN SA to sell more products through their retail channels with targeted sales campaigns and customized bundles for better customer value management while offering custom dealer incentives to promote more sales.


Within 6 months of deploying the RVM Suite, MTN SA saw an impressive:

32% increase in overall transactions

41% increase
in retailers

18% increase
in sales

How RVM enables revenue acceleration across all touch points

Telecom operators

  • Track Sales KPI down to sites and stores with POS-level analytics
  • Achieve faster transaction turnaround through fully digital selling processes
  • Benefit from end-to-end retail channel management with our modular and interoperable solutions
  • Unlock a faster time to market with last-mile delivery and centralized control


  • Get real-time reporting and agent activity tracking
  • Onboard retailers and enable P2P sellers in minutes through eKYC
  • Collect and share POS data easily and optimize field force operations in your territory
  • Ensure sufficient stock in your territory and track which POS is at the risk of stock-out
  • Manage an array of value-added telecom products across your entire reseller network through a fully automated solution


  • Eliminate the possibility of stock-out with real-time stock alerts and microcredit
  • Use digital wallets for the efficient stock purchase and selling
  • Receive instant commissions and payments
  • Achieve sales growth by selling a bigger basket of goods – both digital & physical through single interface
  • Sell through a variety of mediums – credit, cash, or mobile money

Planning to power-up your S&D strategy?

Our e-book explores the core themes across some of the most successful strategic initiatives and potential opportunities for telecom companies, irrespective of where they are on their maturity stage.

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The technical expertise and reliability, customer-centric approach and strong global presence in the digital distribution domain made SDS a natural choice for us to work with. I look forward to strengthening our relationship with them and exploring future opportunities to deliver solutions that help our customers with their business transformation initiatives.

Ian WattersonSenior Vice President & Managing Director of CSG's Asia-Pacific business
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