Manage dealer commissions and marketing campaigns better with SCC

Streamline campaign management and retailer incentives management through a robust platform that’s flexible to your business rules, centralizes workflows across multiple external systems and helps your retail sales grow with certainty

Trusted by the world’s fastest growing MNOs

Is Smart Campaigns & Commissions (SCC) right for you?

  • You frequently run marketing campaigns with varying objectives and you access multiple systems – ERP, IDMS, CMS, EVD – to execute them and calculate commissions
  • Your resellers have a bigger basket of goods to sell but this makes commission calculation and disbursal even more complex and prone to human errors
  • You’re looking for a centralized view that enables you to gain visibility on your overall campaign strategy, collates all active campaigns, and automates the calculation, reporting and payout of commissions – all in one place

Seamless’ ability to meet demanding needs and requirements driven by a challenging environment, has increased our operational ability in a highly competitive market. Their technology is robust, and they show a business understanding that is helping them to quickly align with our goals and strategies.

Abbad RedaCEO at MTN Afghanistan

How SCC helps you grow your business

Simplify commission management, whatever the product may be

Improve overall commission management efficiency across your entire physical & digital portfolio

Empower resellers to directly grow sales at the POS

Update your reseller network in real-time about upcoming campaigns and the incentives associated with them

Get a 360-degree view of every campaign

Connect all your data in a single platform to manage campaigns throughout their life cycles & automate commission calculation and disbursement with humans in the loop

The campaign lifecycle within SCC

Key features

Seamless’ Inventory & Distribution Management is a comprehensive solution to track the flow of stock, optimize the order fulfillment process through products’ lifecycle, and manage all entities for a business.


Improve visibility, reduce costs and improve turn-around timewith an automated and scalable solution


Get POS-level insights on campaign performance – even when parallel campaigns are being run


Define your own business rules across critical stages in the campaign lifecycle to meet your unique objectives


Integrate inwardly and outwardly with other systems to accelerate productivity and growth

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