Micro Credit

Enable and empower your resellers and subscribers by offering micro loans for zero interruption in connectivity or business through Micro Credit. This offering is an end-to-end managed service from Seamless with no hassle of system or operational maintenance. 

How does it work?

Micro Credit, value-added service is designed on the premise of “what the consumer needs”. It is a service which the telecom can offer to subscribers and resellers both. Through this service, telco can provide ease of access of airtime stock credit to their resellers when they run out of stock balance, without disrupting the normal flow of business. On the subscriber side, they can remain connected without having to recharge through a voucher or digital topup. This loan is disbursed in real-time and is calculated based on intelligent reseller/subscriber profiling.

Seamless deploys Micro Credit with a partnership agreement with telecoms where SDS bears all investment Cost and risk, providing an open and transparent service with a clear reporting structure. The telecom operator incurs zero cost, capital expenditure, or credit risk as all investment is managed and handled by SDS.

When the subscriber or reseller (user) runs out of airtime credit and is unable to recharge, they can dial a USSD code to request for airtime credit. The system will perform user profiling and disburse loans. Next time the user recharges the account, the system will verify if there is any outstanding loan. The loan with a service fee is deducted from the user’s account.

Benefits: Micro Credit for telecom S&D

Seamless Distribution Systems is a pioneer in R&D and innovation in the telecom S&D ecosystem. Micro Credit facility is also based on our expertise and thorough knowledge of the system. This service is deployed on a revenue-sharing basis with zero cost and credit risk for the telecom operator. Hence, providing very tangible business and commercial benefits to the telco.

Apart from service continuation during odd times (for resellers and subscribers both) and revenue addition for the telecom operator, Micro Credit has other strategic advantages like:

  • Improved market penetration
  • Enhanced control over the distribution
  • Lower transaction failure rate
  • Better loyalty of resellers and subscribers
  • Revenue addition
  • Service continuation
  • Highly robust platform with strong support

Key features

Micro Credit is a complete package of technology and service offered in partnership with telecom operators at the last leg of the product delivery

User profiling

Loan amount is calculated in real-time based on intelligent user profiling


Convenient and easy to use; accessible over USSD as well as advanced channels like mobile application

Smart alerts

Notification and alerts to the users upon reaching a minimal threshold, to avoid risk of “out of balance”

Real-time disbursement

Micro Credit is disbursed in real-time, instantaneously, when the user needs it the most


The entire process of profiling, to disbursement and (partial or full) recovery is automated

Robust analytics

Operational, transactional, recovery, utilization, bad debt and reconciliation reports with export functionality

Recovery engine

Interacts with the credit engine to determine the recovery amounts, comes with automatic loan recovery

User self-care module

User requests and receives Micro Credit, can check eligibility as well as access their account history through this module

Customer care module

Empowers the telecom operator to monitor performance and check transaction history through an interactive web interface

Credit engine

Allows to check the feasibility of the eligibility parameters via a GUI before the published use

Key successful deployments

Our consultants are available to discuss your growth strategy and chalk out a plan to maximize sales and distribution performance for your business