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Seamless Distribution Systems respects your privacy. In order to provide you with relevant information and respond to your requests, we sometimes ask that you provide us with information about yourself. We commit that the information we collect is only kept for as long as necessary to assist you in the use of this website, or for Seamless Distribution Systems’s B2B sales and marketing purposes as described in this privacy notice. Where we collect information for sales and marketing purposes we have defined times for removal of data so you can be sure that no action is needed from you.


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As Seamless Distribution Systems delivers business-to-business services the use of this website will likely be for professional use. Seamless Distribution Systems’s services to our customers include processing by Seamless Distribution Systems of personal data on behalf of our customers. Each customer is the data controller of that personal data and Seamless Distribution Systems is a data processor. Such processing by Seamless Distribution Systems is governed by the relevant customer contracts and the policies referenced in those contracts, but is not covered by this privacy notice.

From Seamless Distribution Systems’s external websites, log in is also available to Seamless Distribution Systems’s Customer Pages. The Seamless Distribution Systems Customer Pages are governed by a separate privacy notice, and this privacy notice does not cover processing by Seamless Distribution Systems in Seamless Distribution Systems’s Customer Pages.

Seamless Distribution Systems’s website may contain links to other companies’ websites or services with their own privacy policies. Seamless Distribution Systems is not responsible for the processing of personal data carried out by such other companies’ websites or services.

If a support incident from a customer or an individual employee of a customer is incorrectly submitted to Seamless Distribution Systems via our external webpage or other channels that we use for sales and marketing purposes, the information received will be forwarded to the correct unit within Seamless Distribution Systems and will then as soon as possible be deleted from Seamless Distribution Systems’s sales and marketing systems.


Seamless Distribution Systems’s collection and processing of data

Seamless Distribution Systems’s external websites (, allows Seamless Distribution Systems to collect information on IP addresses and activities on the websites for all visitors, using cookies. Seamless Distribution Systems’s websites also allow the visitor to complete a form in which the user provides Seamless Distribution Systems with certain personal data (name, e-mail address, phone number, title/position and company) in order to be contacted by Seamless Distribution Systems, and/or to sign up for Seamless Distribution Systems newsletters, webinars or events, or to download material. To provide Seamless Distribution Systems with any such information is voluntary. For visitors that have provided personal data to Seamless Distribution Systems, Seamless Distribution Systems may also collect other publicly available personal data (e.g. title /position or contact information), from publicly available sources such as LinkedIn or other commercial sources. Seamless Distribution Systems does not collect or process any sensitive data.

Seamless Distribution Systems will process the collected personal data only for customer relationship management (CRM) and B2B sales and marketing purposes, including lead generation and lead nurturing, including the distribution of newsletters, on the legal basis that Seamless Distribution Systems’s processing is necessary for Seamless Distribution Systems’s legitimate interest of CRM and sales and marketing activities as described in this privacy notice.


Data Controllers

The data controller for the processing of the personal data provided is as follows:

Seamless Distribution Systems AB,
Swedish company registration no. 556479-4562,
Box 353, SE-10127 Stockholm,


Personal data provided will be processed by the respective data controller, but may also be transferred to affiliates within the group of companies controlled by Seamless Distribution Systems AB (Swedish company registration no556479-4562) and/or to subcontractors of the Seamless Distribution Systems group. To the extent any personal data is transferred to a third country, such transfer shall be governed by internal Binding Corporate Rules of Seamless Distribution Systems’s processor or the EU-US Privacy Shield.



Data subject rights

Each recipient of a newsletter may at any time elect to unsubscribe and will then no longer receive Seamless Distribution Systems newsletters.

Each website visitor or other person (data subject) may at any time contact Seamless Distribution Systems and request correction of any information regarding the data subject, which is incorrect or is no longer current. The data subject may also, following a written, signed application submitted to Seamless Distribution Systems, to receive information regarding which personal data relating to the data subject is processed by Seamless Distribution Systems and how Seamless Distribution Systems processes that data.

If a data subject considers Seamless Distribution Systems’s processing of his/her personal data to be in breach of applicable legislation on processing of personal data, a complaint can be directed to the Seamless Distribution Systems Group Data Protection Officer (contact details above). A data subject may also lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority in his/her country of residence, or to the lead supervisory authority mentioned below.


Contact details

If you have any questions in regard to this or any other information relating to privacy please do not hesitate to contact our Data Protection Officer.

Seamless Distribution Systems AB
Name: Sandipan Mukherjee
Switchboard: +46 8 58 63 34 69


As described further in this privacy notice Seamless Distribution Systems may process personal data received in more than one EU Member-State. Seamless Distribution Systems Group including all subsidiaries will when possible register themselves under the authority of the Swedish Data Protection Authority (Datainspektionen), as the place of central administration of Seamless Distribution Systems in the EU is in Sweden.


Please find the contact details of the Swedish Data Protection Authority below.

Swedish Data Protection Authority (Datainspektionen)
Switchboard: +46 (0)8 657 61 00
Postal address: P.O. Box 8114, 104 30 Stockholm, Sweden


Retention times

Personal data will not be stored for a longer than necessary for the purpose of Seamless Distribution Systems’s CRM or B2B sales and marketing, or for compliance with legal requirements. As a general rule, this means that for Seamless Distribution Systems customers, Seamless Distribution Systems will store the personal data (names and contact details) of the relevant contact persons for the duration of the customer relationship, and for a reasonable time thereafter. For leads or prospective customers in Seamless Distribution Systems’s sales process, Seamless Distribution Systems will store the personal data for a maximum period of four (4) years after the last interaction between Seamless Distribution Systems and that individual. For other contacts, Seamless Distribution Systems will store the information for a maximum period of two (2) years after the last interaction between Seamless Distribution Systems and that individual. Any sensitive data will be removed as soon as it is no longer strictly required. When the personal data is no longer required, Seamless Distribution Systems will destroy or delete it in a secure manner. Seamless Distribution Systems continuously removes or corrects personal data that we learn is incorrect or out of date.


Technical and organizational security measures

Seamless Distribution Systems undertakes to take the technical and organizational security measures necessary in accordance with applicable national legislation in order to protect the personal data.



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