Seamless Reporting Mobile Application

Reporting app is the ultimate analytics dashboard for the phone, giving insights on sales and distribution of products through reseller network.

Real-time monitoring

Collects data in real-time and visualizes information based on dynamic factors including region, time and type of data

Business intelligence

Gathers, processes and manages data to enable sharp business analytics for improved business decisions

Customizable & White label

Highly customizable, scalable and white label to suit the reporting and monitoring needs of a service provider completely

Trend snapshots

Capture critical sales information through interactive trend snapshots categorized on time, region, transactional and reseller data

Seamless Reporting is the in-app dashboard to manage and monitor the performance of sales, transaction trends and details of the entire reseller network. The reporting app allows operators, distributors and resellers to access real-time statistics on all the transactions taking place across the distribution network, depending on the user access rights.

Easy and instant access to critical sales information on resellers and transactions strengthens the distribution network’s performance. The end result is a smooth and seamless flow of value and sales of digital products. Users can benefit from the interactive visualization trends categorized on basis of time, region, transactional or reseller details.

The app not only provides transparent data monitoring but is the ultimate dashboard for all kinds of trend tracking including transactional trends, flow of value and reseller status levels. It improves distribution network performance and optimizes operations for service providers through important business insights.

With Seamless Reporting App, improve your KPI management and optimize supply and distribution through intelligent business analytics!