Growth Solutions

Decades of experience in digital distribution domain has enabled us to understand and breakdown the complex dynamics of this industry. We use our expertise to deliver complete end-to-end marketing and business solutions that help businesses optimize their operations, increase efficiency thereby resulting in high-speed growth and profit maximization. We do this through our growth solutions that help businesses:

  • Run targeted promotional campaigns towards their agents (sales staff) through a user-friendly campaign manager (Campaign Management System) that comes equipped with an in-built comprehensive reporting system
  • Track the flow of stock, optimize the order fulfillment process through products’ lifecycle, and manage all entities for a business through an Enterprise level solution “Sales Force Optimization”

Campaign Management System

is designed to create, manage and monitor promotional campaigns to increase usage, promote a product/service or improve sales for service providers.

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Sales Force Optimization

is a complete multi-product supply chain management solution, enabling effective management and tracking of products through order lifecycle, agent trip optimization and route planning along with complete market and insights analysis

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