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Combining Analytics and Real-life Use Cases to Transform Telecom Distribution Globally

Riaktr and Seamless Joining Forces to Drive Continuous Innovation

With Riaktr joining Seamless at the start of 2021, we stand to extend our services with the help of Riaktr’s customer base that includes several large, global and regional telecom operators such as Glo and Proximus. Similarly, we are now ready to enrich the experience of our existing customers across the MENA region with the intelligent products that Riaktr has become so famous for.

Riaktr CEO, Sébastien Leempoel, affirms that this acquisition has brought us one step closer to being the global leaders in telecom distribution.

“Combining Seamless and Riaktr’s products will allow our telecom customers to really master the management of their distribution channels, providing a 360 granular visibility on the POS network but also digital channels.”

Sébastien Leempoel

CEO Riaktr

The Philosophy at Riaktr

Sébastien emphasizes on how data visibility and its ability to drive actions can make or break for companies. Despite being technically strong in gathering and processing data, their goal remains simple,

“At Riaktr we believe that every telecom employee, from the CEO to the field agents, deserves to have tailored insights so that they can all make better decisions and actions in their daily work.”

Riaktr Flagship Products

In an effort to generate a concrete impact and deliver solid business value, the team at Riaktr prioritizes the immersion of data into complete action workflows, so that it seamlessly integrates into the day-to-day work of their customers.

Sébastien reiterates, “We were data experts and we took the time to really understand granularly the challenges our telecom customers are facing in their day-to-day. As a result, despite being technically very complex and advanced, our solutions are designed from the beginning with the end-user in mind, resulting in very simple and intuitive user interfaces.”

Talking about who benefits most from their products and why, Sébastien explains, “There are two telecom teams that benefit the most from our products: the commercial team, because our Smart S&D product allows them to continuously take the right action and the right place and the right time; and the network planning team, because our Smart Capex product allows them to use AI in a very simple way to optimize their investment plan.”

Reaping the Fruits of Hard Work

In June 2021, Riaktr was chosen among hundreds of contenders as one of the World Economic Forum’s “Technology Pioneers”. This noteworthy achievement came about after the team’s relentless efforts towards developing innovative and customer-centric solutions in the field of big data software for telecoms.

What the Future Holds

Continuing on this growth trajectory, Sébastien with the Riaktr team plans to “accelerate their growth, particularly in new geographic regions, which has been facilitated by the partnership with Seamless and its access to a larger customer footprint”.

He also adds how the advanced data science developed at Riaktr “will be applied to Seamless’ solutions to make them smarter and create additional value for our customers.”

Regarding their most prominent goals for the rest of the year, Sébastien says “We have many goals but most importantly, we would like to further roll out Smart S&D in the Middle East with Seamless’ customers, and finalize the 5G roll out plan optimizations ongoing with Smart CAPEX.”

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