Studies have revealed that well thought out and intelligently designed campaigns can ensure increased revenue and customer retention in the long run. However, most service providers, including majority of telecom operators, use them for quick and short-term results only. To know more about the market challenges of sales promotions and campaigns, please refer to the previous blog in this series here.


SDS took it upon themselves to design a holistic business intelligence tool which caters to entire promotional needs of service providers while ensuring capability to analyze and calculate effectiveness of campaigns over time. This enables service providers to make better and well-informed decisions. This tool has the ability to change the way marketers design campaigns due to its power to generate data in real time, that can be used to make sense of the effectiveness of a campaign and calculate ROI on it. Its interactive and user friendly UI make it easier for marketers to run multiple iterations of a campaign by changing its different aspects to see which combination works well to produce maximum positive results.



A campaign management platform is able to support multiple features that keep the promotional needs of an operator at the heart of the system. For example, Seamless’ state of the art Campaign Management System is an end-to-end platform that has multiple modules particularly designed to cater to such needs. For instance, its reseller level module allows an operator to divide resellers into various groups based on their level in the distribution hierarchy or their past sales performance. This in turn helps in designing tailor-made campaigns, keeping in mind the particular needs and behavioral aspects of each of those groups. This platform also boasts the ability to create region based campaigns with different targets to be achieved by resellers of different regions to qualify for various kinds of bonuses. This assists the operator in running targeted campaigns with the right incentives, revolutionizing channel engagement between them and their resellers, leading to a boost in their revenues and customer loyalty.


According to a study carried out on the Best Practices of Campaign Management for a Telecom Operator, trigger based promotional campaigns have a higher probability of success and result in a “higher Marketing Return on Investment”. Such campaigns target groups of similar customers individually by sending the right marketing messages to them at a time they are most receptive, through a channel they prefer using the most and specifying targets and bonuses that are most relevant to them (Bandyopadhyay). Devising such campaigns requires the operator to be fully aware of the preferences of his customers, the relationship he has with each one of them and to also observe their behavior during different events like holidays etc. Rigorous research on all these aspects helps operators tailor their promotional strategy accordingly. For example, the following survey reveals what customers detest the most about telecommunication companies’ promotional activities.


Source: An Assessment of Sales Promotion as Effective Tool for Customer Retention in Telecommunications Industry of Ghana


With the help of campaign management system, operators can keep a storage of qualitative and quantitative data on different aspects of its customers. In the context of mobile network operators, this data could include the age groups of the resellers, the region they are located in, the time at which they are most actively selling products during the month, their response to increased commissions or bonuses in the past, the kind of transactions they carry out the most (topup or credit transfer), the channel used by them for those transactions and their performance after a promotion ends. All this valuable information can help operators design data driven and targeted campaigns whose results are predictable and in the best financial interest of the operator.


All of these and many more features that a campaign management system can deliver make it an obvious tool of choice for the telecommunication companies and service providers. It not only improves revenues by increasing operational efficiency for the user, but also helps telcos derive value out of focused and customized promotional campaigns leading to customer loyalty and retention in the long run.