With 8.53 billion mobile connections globally, the telecom industry is a fast-moving and evolving space with rapidly changing business scenarios and technological advancements. These advancements, initiated by digital transformation, have guided telecom operators to bring about changes not only in the way they operate but also helped them improve their business models and leverage digitization to simplify their distribution chains.

On one hand, telecom operators are devising strategies to maximize their profits by increasing sales, whereas on the flip side, they are trying to survive in a cut-throat competitive environment by cutting down their distribution costs. Juggling these two success metrics becomes challenging when your unique subscriber base continues to increase while being hesitant to shift from their daily norms. This means that the strategies that might work to acquire new customers, may not work well while trying to retain the same customers.

In a report by GSMA, it is forecasted that unique mobile subscribers will increase from 5 billion in 2017, to 5.9 billion by 2025. Click To Tweet

In an attempt to reach these unique subscribers, the distribution costs of the telecom operators increase significantly. Therefore, they focus to decrease dependency on physical means of distribution i.e. the scratch cards. The telecom operators aim to be more efficient and effective in the value delivery to end-users and scale up their service delivery processes. This requires them to have product offerings that have flexible, market-responsive and user-centric solutions. Electronic Vouchers are a proven way to reduce costs by digitalizing the distribution chains.


What are Electronic Vouchers?

A telecom operator provides topup to subscribers using these vouchers. The process is simple and hassle-free.

Seamless Distribution Systems enable telecom operators to achieve cost-efficiency and have enhanced control over their distribution chains by providing them the ability to generate electronic vouchers. The telecom operator is able to digitalize its entire distribution chain and provide value recharge for end-users anytime anywhere. The use of eVouchers equips the telecom operator to sell pre-generated vouchers through their network of resellers. Within these distribution chains, the process of using and delivering services to the subscribers is flexible and convenient for both the operator and its resellers.

How does SDS eVoucher work?

The eVoucher ecosystem comprises a telecom operator, a distribution network, access points (channels) through which the resellers request and receive a response, a processing system to validate and respond to queries, and lastly, a customer willing and able to purchase the voucher.

The subscribers can easily get their accounts recharged by approaching a reseller. The subscriber requests reseller to top-up his account through eVoucher. The reseller forwards this request to the telecom operator via an authorized channel for example USSD, web channel, or SMS asking for the desired voucher denomination. After validation, the system approves the request of the reseller and delivers a code via SMS to the subscriber or pushes a printable voucher to the reseller end where the reseller prints the voucher and presents it to the subscriber. The resellers may use a Wireless POS terminal with a print functionality to download the voucher, print it, and sell it to the subscriber. Alternatively, the subscriber receives a voucher pin code directly on his mobile that he uses to top-up his account.

How do they benefit the telecom operators?


eVoucher distribution

eVoucher distribution process


eVoucher enables the telecom operators to cut down the costs of printing, warehousing, distributing and storing cards. They allow the operators to manage voucher inventory digitally, instead of physically handling and managing the scratch cards.

As opposed to traditional scratch cards, the telecom operator doesn’t need to print and distribute the vouchers, instead, the resellers are able to print these vouchers or provide a code to the subscriber (as the as per the demand from the subscribers). Distribution of vouchers is done electronically thus eliminating the associated costs.

The eVoucher system ensures complete control over end-to-end distribution of vouchers to resellers and provides an unparalleled user experience. It provides on-ground availability of convenient mobile recharge and payments mechanism supporting a versatile range of channels.

The resellers in the network of the telecom operator do not need to maintain their inventory of scratch cards, moreover, they don’t need to worry about the customer demand and the highest-selling denominations of cards. Their customers can get flexible denominations which cater to their preferential needs. This convenience of buying the exact amount that they want, when they want increases customer loyalty and eventually enhances brand loyalty among the subscribers.

In short, electronic vouchers not only are a means of cutting down logistical, distribution, and management costs for the telecom operators, they add value to the entire distribution process. They provide better and real-time control over the flow of value to telecom operators. In addition to cutting costs, Seamless eVoucher system allows the telecom operator to deliver real-time bonuses and commissions to resellers.

All-in-all, SDS eVoucher is a product that can be used by prepaid service providers like telecom operators, distributors, and resellers to build brand loyalty among the subscribers. More importantly, by making use of the eVoucher system, the telecom operators enhance their process and operational efficiencies as their entire eVoucher distribution process is managed and executed digitally and instantly. It allows the telecom operators to establish, manage, and maintain a consolidated network of electronic payments and revolutionize the way their products are delivered to the market.