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At Seamless Distribution Systems (SDS), we understand the complexities of the telecom industry in the age of digital transformation and the challenges that affect the profitability and growth of telecom operators. Our aim is to optimize business processes through innovation, reliable digital technology, and integrated professional services.
We work closely with our customers to understand the current challenges in their sales and distribution network and take a deep dive into the business and strategic goals to make recommendations. This knowledge coupled with years of experience in this domain enables us to help our customers transform technology into business success. We as a team, work towards deploying solutions that increase efficiency, reduce costs, and allow the telecom operators to strengthen their service delivery.

In an effort to optimize cost-efficiency and provide unparalleled scalability and integration capabilities, SDS offers an end-to-end robust platform with multi-product and omni-channel support. Our core platform Electronic Recharge System (ERS 360º) is not only a modular solution with customizable layers, but also has the ability to integrate seamlessly with external systems. With enhanced control and visibility over the distribution channel, ERS 360º enables comprehensive reseller management, dynamic product management and intelligent monitoring & reporting services. This, in turn, drives multi-products sales and reduces costs of distribution in emerging markets.

Seamless digital transformation

The success metrics of SDS solutions and platforms can be broadly categorized into 3 factors:

Operational excellence

We at SDS work extensively towards exceptional growth and value deliverance through consistent quality performance and operational excellence. Our diverse and global workforce follows a problem-solving approach and seeks to understand and prioritize customers’ needs to provide them with sustainable solutions. The key strategic goal is to empower our customers in achieving tangible business benefits and growth on the pillar of digital distribution and increased financial inclusion.  By leveraging the power of digital technology and data analytics, we enable our customers to transform data into actionable insights to improve decision making for mission-critical systems and processes. 

Platform performance

SDS platforms and solutions are equipped with active-active features, which not only provide stability and reliability but also significantly reduces downtime. Consequently, this reduces the risk of revenue leakage and lost customers in the event of internet connectivity or power outage. In line with this, SDS has successfully been able to deliver value with regards to revenue addition, improved market penetration, enhanced control over distribution, and optimized cost-efficiency for the telecom operators. Committed to continuous improvement, we work in agile teams to relentlessly increase efficiency and to build tolerance for downtime and service unavailability. 

Continued innovation

With the rapid growth of mobile and internet penetration and the increase in the subscriber base, the tech-savvy customers today are well-informed and well-connected.

Thus, it is imperative for telecom operators to continuously adapt and improve their approach to retain their market share. Building on that, SDS offers customizable and flexible solutions for its customers to bring the benefits of digital technology to the arena of the telecom world. We plan, strategize, and deliver solutions that match the market dynamics, and allow telcos to gain a competitive advantage, and optimize costs.

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