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Telecom Operators face immense competition worldwide, making it difficult for them to retain existing customers. For this purpose, they have to keep a close check on the market trends and behaviours of their customers. Telecom Operators, on a regular basis, need to do an internal performance analysis whereby determining their sales trends and the main reasons underlying any changes that might have occurred during a specific time period. They have to deal with large amounts of data and to answer some of the very basic questions:

  1. How much profit is being made?
  2. Is there a rise or decline in sales?
  3. Which product is doing better and why?
  4. Which region has higher sales?
  5. What factors have changed the buying dynamics of the customers?


For this purpose, it might as well be useful for telecom operators to adopt Business Intelligence (BI) applications and tools to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors and consequently, be able to retain existing and acquire new customers.

These softwares aim to help professionals make better decisions, by making accurate, current, and relevant information available to them when they need it.

Business Intelligence comprises of applications, infrastructure & tools and best practices that enable organizations to access data and turn it into meaningful information so that they are able to analyse and evaluate this information and make well-informed business decisions. Individuals involved in BI processes may use application software & other technologies to gather, store, analyse and provide access to data.

Essentially, BI applications are designed to improve performance, identify opportunities and threats, increase efficiency and reduce costs. Click To Tweet

Middle and senior management can use BI applications to help them define strategies, search for opportunities, identify problems and substantiate actions. Business intelligence is often referred to as a way to enhance data into information and then into knowledge.

Keeping in view the high amount of data that telecom operators need to gather and divulge into, we at Seamless Distribution Systems introduced a “Reporting & Business Intelligence Tool”. This allows the Telecom Operators to have instant access to information. It plugs on top of the Data Warehouse viewed through a unified data source. It displays data in tabular and graphical format, allowing the business intelligence teams to eliminate hand-coding SQL to provide operational reports to the business users. The creation and customization of the data, allows the creation of bespoke reports with the opportunity to answer all relevant data-driven questions

This platform is designed to meet end-to-end solution that will cater for all the data gathering, storing, analysing and reporting needs. All of an organization’s reports (past, present, ad-hoc or scheduled) are available on the platform. It facilitates the decision-making process by providing a visual snapshot of product performance based on regions, products, users’ density with the added capability to generate interactive reports instantaneously. Some of the reports that are available to the Telecom Operator include:

  1. Balance reports
  2. Reseller’s account statement
  3. Transactions report
  4. Hourly usage report

In addition to providing reports, the platform enables Telecom Operators to create dashboards with their relevant KPIs. The users will be able to view the KPIs against the set benchmarks. These let the Telecom Operators to narrow down their research and data from country-level performance down to city and regional level.

Sales and marketing teams require deep knowledge of the activities in the system to devise their strategies and calculate ROI on those strategies. Click To Tweet

This tool is a perfect medium to extract the data required to build their next big strategy. It also provides instant feedback of the market and enables the Telecom Operator to adjust according to the market needs.

Apart from showing product performances and generating interactive reports, the Reporting & Business Intelligence Tool also increases Data Governance.

Organizations rely on data to make business decisions, optimize operations, create new products & services and improve their profitability.

Recognizing the complexity and importance of the data that the platform will ultimately provide, we ensured that the platform has integrated all business rules within its system to ensure that the data is consistent and trustworthy. Moreover, duplication checker is embedded within the system to avoid the duplication of reports. The users are easily able to look to the similarity between reports and flag them accordingly.

To sum it all, the key features that the platform holds include:

  • Predefined reporting dashboards
  • Intuitive web interface and intelligent alerts
  • Multiple chart options available
  • Multiple graph options available
  • Reports on the go
  • Market insights based on the historical data

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