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With the advent of digitalization, telecom operators started to transform the way they do business. Embracing the changes, they adopted different technologies to bring about financial innovation, changed their business models, improved their supply chains, and most importantly dug out strategies to satisfy their emerging and existing customers. Within the context of the core of the telecom industry, “Digital Distribution” it became vital for the telecom operators to accommodate its customers in a way that:

  • they are satisfied with the service being delivered to them,
  • there is high availability of the products & services being provided to them, and
  • they feel empowered

Keeping high availability of the products and customer satisfaction as the highest priority, telecom operators sought out strategies that could help them increase their means of distributing digital value.

Not only did they want these strategies to be cost-efficient and highly scalable to ensure fast distribution of its products but to also benefit their subscribers, empower them, and attract prospective customers.

In order to do this, Seamless Distribution Systems provides an unprecedented service that brings power back to the common member of the society, entails high availability of digital products like electronic Topup product, and lays grounds for cost-efficient ways of digital distribution. In short, not only does it benefit the subscribers of an operator, but also provides highly scalable ways for the operator to ensure fast and easy distribution of its products.

“Subscriber Self Registration” empowers subscribers of an operator to take charge of their life and become a self-reliant entrepreneur. Click To Tweet

The subscribers purchase airtime using their Mobile Money (MoMo) account and start off their own airtime resale business and earn commissions on each sale instantly. From the convenience of their phone, any subscriber can become the boss of his own airtime distribution business. With zero risk and no hefty investments, this initiative truly revolutionizes how a subscriber can turn the tables in his favor.


Subscriber registration


The self-registered reseller can purchase EVD stock (mobile airtime stock) using his MoMo account and start selling airtime to earn a commission. Subscribers don’t require any physical store or a special gadget to sell airtime. For every sale done by the reseller, a commission is disbursed to the newly registered reseller. This encourages an entrepreneurial spirit and allows young unemployed individuals to start off with their careers with little investment regardless of their social status or economic standing. It promotes efficient electronic distribution and increases subscriber’s knowledge of eTopup as they take up eDistribution initiative themselves and buy airtime credit for resale. It helps them overcome their hesitation to try out new technologies.

It works on ‘the more you sell, the more you earn’ model, opening up wide avenues of generating income. It counters unemployment for the customers, simultaneously, increasing the number of foot resellers for the operator. The service also ensures widespread availability of airtime even in the remotest of areas as subscribers are not bound by location or region to register for the service. Not only it gives an incentive for people to become resellers of an operator but helps cut down the high logistical costs of generating, warehousing, transporting, and distributing scratch cards. Consequently, resulting in a higher eTopup availability.

One such service exists in Zambia for the operator “MTN”. The project was called “MTN Tamanga”- Tamanga literally means “Be your own Boss” and precisely does this as well. The project was wholeheartedly endorsed by the Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ZACCI) and their CEO Prisca Chikwashi remarked that they fully support MTN in their efforts to reach the grass root levels and create a positive socio-economic impact through creating sustainable economic opportunities for the common man.

With its win-win proposition for both MTN and its subscribers, this project is socially, innovatively and economically sustainable. MTN gains a distribution and promotion channel for digital recharge along with brand loyalty while the subscribers get an opportunity to earn commissions.

Subscriber Self Registration is a service that promotes efficient electronic distribution while giving more power to the subscribers who take it up in their hands to initiate the distribution of airtime stock. This instills an inclination towards economically, socially, and environmentally sound alternatives of electronic recharge as opposed to the traditional scratch cards. Enabling the availability of airtime in the remotest areas, the service increases the footprint of the reseller base as subscribers are not bound by location or region to register for the service. For the telecom operators, it helps them to cut down their costs of generating, storing, transporting, and distributing scratch cards.

All-in-all it is a service that benefits the telecom operators as well as the subscribers and helps them create an economic standing and social status in the society.

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