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Seamless distribution Systems AB held its first post-Covid Sales Summit at Dubai in the last week of October to fine-tune product strategy, streamline global operations and strategize sales enablement for 2022.

The Objective of the Summit

SDS functions spanning across the globe, including  sales, marketing, product, operations, and engineering, put their heads together at this summit to confer on the industry wide implications of Covid-19. The underlying goal of this conference was to develop robust solutions that could work seamlessly in the new telecom ecosystem. Another critical objective was to build a cohesive growth strategy that expanded the existing customer base while championing satisfaction across all current accounts. 

Over the course of five days, the teams participated in interactive panels, roundtables and workshops  to exchange perspectives on the challenges, changes and transformations that impact sales in today’s telecom market. They actively participated in peer discussions, discussing their successes and lessons that were learned in the course of customer engagement. They also shared their respective discoveries when it comes to skills and systems – in order to remain successful in the present and sustain that success in the months and years ahead.

speaker session

Addresses by the Senior Leadership 

Tommy Eriksson, CEO of Seamless Distribution Systems AB gave the opening address which included the current status of the SDS Group following notable acquisitions (Seamless, SDD, EServ, Riaktr), the company’s future outlook, and touched upon the future roadmap. 

The CFO, Martin Schedin shed light on the company’s journey in numbers; keeping everyone abreast of where the SDS group stands on revenue and forecasts.. 

Seamless Distribution Systems CCO and Head of M&A, Niclas Handfast, presented a comprehensive overview of the state of the market and the company’s growth strategy going forward.

Sandipan Mukherjee, COO at Seamless, headed multiple product workshops to illustrate how the company’s shift to microservices architecture was going to transform our solutions and make them far better suited to the telecom industry’s evolving needs. Round-tables were also held on fine-tuning the company’s Retail Value Management Suite and making it a huge component of the solution-set for 2022.

Mapping Our Advanced Analytics Solution

Given the recent acquisition of Riaktr – a prominent Belgium-based data analytics company, a large part of the summit was dedicated to sharing knowledge on the capabilities of Riaktr’s two flagship products, identifying future opportunities and strategizing their integration into the Seamless’s offering around analytics. The teams were actively engaged in charting new roadmaps for both S&D and Smart CAPEX and explored possibilities for their geographical expansion into Africa and Latin America. 

What’s Next for Seamless?

As the summit approached its end, it became clear how the top priority for Seamless continued to be  enabling customers with the best technology and support available in the market. With the company’s aim to become even more innovative and relationship centric with customers come 2022, the summit acted as a platform to set that goal in motion. 

On the whole, the summit allowed for ideas to float, and enabled all business functions to discuss solutions that can contribute to business growth and delightful  customer experience. 

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