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With our advanced analytics tool called Smart S&D, we are set out to equip customers with the ability to make data-informed decisions in real-time, based on the information they receive directly from their own retail points of sale (POS). 

What is Smart S&D?

Smart S&D is our field sales optimization tool that offers 360° visibility of POS activities to MNOs and their partners across their indirect sales channels. It enables the MNOs to gather real-time and localized insights into their POS network and optimize their mobile money transactions for all POS.

Directly influencing revenue growth from mobile money at the retail POS 

On average, our customers visit 73,000 POS every week based on insights from Smart S&D. Through these visits, the tool offers them visibility into where high-value subscribers are located and which POS agent has more quality acquisitions. 

The tool also enables them to target these POS agents and incentivise them to increase the number of registered mobile money accounts that they have. This helps them substantially grow the value cashed in and digitised through their mobile money agent network. 

On top of this, the POS-level analytics enabled through the Smart S&D platform work hand-in-hand with the distributors to offer real-time stock-out alerts to resellers allowing them to act immediately on stock-outs for both Airtime recharges and mobile money.

Turning data into actionable insights for deeper mobile money penetration

Smart S&D ingests data from the POS transactions , population insights and other external data sources to help them optimize their retail sales and distribution with improved precision. This allows operators to detect:

  1. Which POS sites to target for field visits
  2. Where distributors are active and ensure they respect their zoning agreement
  3. What field agents should do at the POS based on insights available for managers and field agents

Next steps

By prioritising actions and tracking impact with Smart S&D, telcos have successfully met their mobile money growth targets and revenue optimisation goals. By pairing your existing data with our external data sources, you can develop targeted insights that help you accelerate revenue growth, better manage commercial performance and track the impact of your decisions across your Mobile Payment & Mobile Money Solutions. 

Interested to learn more? Get a demo on Smart S&D here or speak with your account manager and they would be happy to guide you further.

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