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Digital voucher distributors are positioned between end-users and telecom operators. Success is dependent on optimizing sales and adding value for both the telecom operator and the agent interacting with the end-user. Achieving this will ensure increased revenue for the distributor. 

In order to achieve this, we need to understand how mobile telecom services can potentially add value for resellers as well as understanding the opportunities to maximize revenue related to offerings and campaigns being driven by telecom operators. 

To do this efficiently, distributors need to work in close cooperation with telecom operators to learn how they can boost reach through their distribution channels, leveraging business initiatives and campaigns based on new and existing offerings. 

Additionally, it is critical to optimize stock management to ensure uninterrupted service in line with the demand forecast. Resellers should be able to track stock levels in order to ensure that business is never impacted due to the unavailability of products. 

Ensuring the efficiency of internal operations requires the tracking and automation of predictable tasks. This guarantees seamless distribution with reduced operational costs. 

Having access to a modern electronic voucher distribution system that can be tailored to the business needs of each specific distributor is business-critical and key to maximizing revenue.

Some of the key activities a successful distributor should master are:

  • Recruiting new resellers by offering a superior value proposition. A key success factor is being able to provide a comprehensive range of services for the reseller. 
  • Packaging and personalizing flexible service offerings for different resellers.
  • Developing marketing and sales campaigns for optimizing revenue opportunities for resellers and telecom operators. 
  • Maintaining and distributing the stock of relevant vouchers. 
  • Supplying point of sales (POS) solutions for resellers based on needs. 
  • Optimizing POS solutions to streamline the sales process, ensuring efficiency in all possible business scenarios. 
  • Conducting sales and product training for resellers to ensure they know how and what to sell. 
  • Providing high-quality support for resellers. 
  • Providing a distribution solution that is reliable and operates 24/7.
An increase in revenue

Distributors must be able to work with different types of resellers within a mature market:

  • Kiosks operated by chains. 
  • Independently run kiosks 
  • Food stores
  • Independent telecom resellers 
  • Home electronic stores
digital distribution channels

A guide to a successful digital voucher distributor

We have put together a guide to help telecom operators to better understand the critical success factors and define what functionalities digital distribution solutions need to provide.

This report is based on the situation faced by a modern distributor within a mature telecom market.

You can download the guide here.

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