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Aliv Bahamas grows average daily transactions by 21% with Seamless

Aliv trusted Seamless to set up and deploy a fully digitized distribution chain to inaugurate modern channels of POS recharge. Through this collaboration, Aliv disrupted the regional monopoly of next-generation solutions for customers, supported by state-of-the-art operational platforms.

Industry & Location

The Bahamas

Prior to its launch, BTC maintained a monopoly in the country. Due to this, Aliv was planning to both gain a competitive advantage for better positioning and market share and deliver top-notch services against a strict timeline. For Aliv, the whole infrastructure had to be set up and made live within a short span of 6 months. On top of this, they had committed to achieving a network population coverage of 99% and 80% in New Providence and Grand Bahama , respectively, by 2021.

The Solution

With the deployment of  ERS 360° – which encompasses our electronic recharge and dealer management platform, Seamless enabled Aliv to move beyond their conventional offerings. Since the digital value platform allowed them to sell a multitude of products and services through various channels, Aliv was able to grow its revenue at nearly every POS.


Over the last year: 

  • They had a 21% YoY growth for total transactions and a 5.6% growth in sales
  • They grew their reseller network to 1800+ post launch
  • They experienced a remarkable increase of 21% in the average daily transaction per active reseller

Seamless deployed its flagship digital distribution management platform which empowered Aliv with high-speed transaction processing, along with high security for stress-free operations. The platform’s integrability, stability, and feature-richness allowed Aliv to offer digital real-time recharge, airtime, VAS, and data bundles at their retail points of sale. 

The installation also included modern channel enablement including agent web portal and mobile app and with this sturdy and multi featured platform, Aliv was able to fully digitize their distribution channels and sell a multitude of products and services through various channels. This not only resulted in superior services for the subscribers but also generated higher revenue for Aliv per POS.

Value Delivered:
With mobile and web channels as their main customer touch points, Aliv has not only managed to penetrate the Bahamian market but has also been able to provide services to 40% of the mobile subscribers since their launch. Seamless has been a trustworthy and reliable technology partner for Aliv in their digitization and growth journey and has facilitated them through:

  • Highly responsive and agile products
  • Differentiated multi products at POS
  • Customer and market centric offerings
  • Robust, stable and efficient platforms

Future Outlook:
Technologically, Seamless is keen to provide the most upgraded and reliable solution to Aliv ensuring superior performance year around. With ERS 5.0 close to rollout, Seamless will be able to further facilitate Aliv with faster transactions and a wider variety of services at the POS.

Seamless has met and exceeded our needs and expectations in the deployment and launch phase, as well as during the operations through their rich digital technology platforms, business understanding, and market adaptability. We appreciate the excellent customer support Seamless has extended to us, which has formed the basis of support for business decisions for us.

Dwayne A. DavisCIO at Aliv Bahamas

increase in total transactions


increase in YoY growth for sales


increase in resellers

About Aliv Bahamas

Aliv is a Bahamian telecommunications brand operated by NewCo Limited, with a commitment to deliver a world-class network, an exemplary customer service experience, and steady innovations in technology to their customers. As a fast-evolving telecom, Aliv is laser focused on ensuring unsurpassed customer experience and assisting them in as many avenues as possible.

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