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How MTN Ghana Builds Customer Experiences to Lead in an Intensely Competitive Market

Just over a decade ago, MTN Ghana, a leading provider of mobile telecommunications services, internet solutions, and mobile money services, found itself facing fierce competition in the dynamic telecom market. They realized the need to adapt their services and solutions to gain a competitive edge. However, they encountered challenges in analyzing the vast amount of data they collected and materializing its value.

Finding a Technology Partner

They knew they needed a partner who could help them harness the power of data analytics and optimize their operations. That’s when they discovered Seamless to embark on a transformative journey, aiming to leverage data analytics to enhance their customer offerings. They understood that to stay ahead, they needed to not only collect data but also ask the right questions and have the right people and tools to analyze it. With this realization, they reached out to Seamless, knowing that they were the missing piece to their puzzle.

Identifying Key Pain Points

The journey began with Seamless addressing a crucial issue faced by MTN Ghana—the responsiveness and reliability of their SMS-based platform. MTN Ghana needed a faster system to eliminate double transactions from resellers and improve the overall customer experience. To tackle this, Seamless delivered USSD-based channel technology and a high-capacity system capable of fast turnarounds. The new system resolved the challenges, bringing efficiency and reliability to MTN Ghana’s operations.

But that was just the beginning. MTN Ghana also had concerns about subscriber privacy and the shift in customer behavior towards higher denomination e-top-ups. Seamless understood the importance of building trust with subscribers and developing secure systems to protect their data. They worked closely with MTN Ghana’s stakeholders to understand their unique requirements, and through collaboration and open communication, Seamless developed tailored solutions that addressed these concerns head-on.

Getting to Work

The implementation phase was marked by a dedicated team comprising an account manager, customer solution manager, head of development, and project manager. They worked tirelessly, fueled by a common goal—transforming MTN Ghana’s operations and achieving business growth. A discovery workshop facilitated fruitful collaboration, allowing Seamless to gain valuable insights into MTN Ghana’s needs. With a deep understanding of MTN Ghana’s requirements, the development team set out to fulfill their high system capacity demands.

Throughout the project, Seamless maintained open lines of communication and transparency with MTN Ghana. They understood the importance of trust and confidence in a successful partnership. Challenges arose along the way, from tight timelines to evolving customer needs, but Seamless remained steadfast in their commitment to delivering exceptional results. They deployed hardware on-site to build customer confidence and engaged in close dialogue with MTN Ghana to address any remaining software requirements.


As the software neared completion, Seamless handed over project management responsibilities to ensure a seamless execution (no pun-intended). The performance testing phase showcased the system’s remarkable capabilities, exceeding customer expectations by delivering up to 800 transactions per second. The acceptance test, though highlighting the need for additional features, passed with positive feedback from MTN Ghana. The stage was set for the grand launch of the ERS 4.2 system, powered by Seamless, in December 2010.

The system went live, processing a remarkable 73 million transactions in its first month of operation. MTN Ghana experienced the reliability and efficiency they had longed for. Over the years, minor incidents occurred, but Seamless’s responsive support and effective communication mitigated any disruptions. Seamless’s system became known as MTN Ghana’s “most reliable system” within their IT infrastructure, earning their trust and confidence.

Reaping the Fruits

As of December 2022, MTN Ghana has processed an impressive 276 million transactions through systems that Seamless has developed, facilitating retailer sales of 317 million and serving a network of 199,966 POS retailers. The electronic channel grew steadily, representing around 20% of the total value and 45% of transactions, bringing MTN Ghana closer to best practices within the MTN group.

The successful partnership between MTN Ghana and Seamless not only transformed operations but also drove significant business growth. MTN Ghana gained valuable insights into customer needs and behaviors through data analytics, allowing them to deliver enhanced services. With Seamless as their technology partner, MTN Ghana gained a competitive advantage, expanded their customer base, and increased their market share.

What Lies Ahead

Looking to the future, MTN Ghana is well-positioned to thrive in the highly competitive telecom industry. The partnership with Seamless will continue to focus on optimizing operations, driving customer satisfaction, and leveraging data-driven insights to enhance service offerings. Seamless remains committed to providing advanced technology solutions, responsive support, and ongoing innovation to ensure MTN Ghana’s continued growth and success in the digital era.

Together, MTN Ghana and Seamless have embarked on a remarkable journey of transformation—a story of resilience, innovation, and collaboration in the face of challenges. As the telecom market continues to evolve, MTN Ghana stands tall, empowered by their partnership with Seamless, ready to exceed customer expectations and shape the future of mobile telecommunications in Ghana.

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