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How MTN Eswatini Improved Its Retail Footprint and Built Predictable Sales Growth

Enabling Africa’s leading mobile operator to achieve a quicker time-to-market with improved agent performance through an insights-driven solution

Industry & Location

Lobamba, Eswatini

MTN Eswatini’s existing legacy system for sales and distribution was neither flexible nor stable, which hindered their growth. The system was also hard to integrate with other platforms which was a problem for MTN Eswatini as they wanted to consolidate their technology. On top of that, the lack of field information and market insights prevented them from making data-driven decisions.

The Solution

Seamless deployed a number of proprietary modules to enable MTN Eswatini with a steadily growing retailer network to amplify the volume of processed transactions for the operator. By enabling smooth integration to new major channel partners such as banks and retailers, Seamless solutions allowed MTN to improve their reach and sales substantially.

  • Equipped with our solutions, MTN Eswatini was able to improve their transactions by 16%, and saw a 5% growth in their overall sales within one year.
  • Our solutions supported MTN’s strategy of driving data adoption and pushing higher value products through the channel, which resulted in a 62% YoY growth in data bundles.
  • Given that expanding the agent reseller network and getting them to purchase stock via MTN’s new Mobile Wallet was a major priority, Seamless facilitated MTN in making it easier for resellers to transact. Hence, not only were they able to enhance their product portfolio but they could also monitor agent performance leading to a 16% increase in active agents and a 308% increase in agents purchasing stock via MoMo.

The critical KPIs of MTN Eswatini were to improve growth for their data bundle sales, and to propel agents to buy stock via Mobile Money

With a population of 1.17 million, Eswatini had a lot of potential for digital transactions given the 97.3% mobile connections and 47% internet penetration that the region enjoyed. Seamless enabled continuous growth for POS retailers and improved the processed transactions significantly for MTN Eswatini by providing flexible and user-friendly modules like direct recharge that added instant value to their retail operations. Customer value management offers were also extended at POS which in turn allowed for upsell/cross-sell opportunities and increased retention rates.

Our flagship dealer management and eTopup solution, ERS 360º, was the first platform that was deployed for MTN Eswatini and it enabled them to move digital value and accelerate growth almost instantly.

ERS 360° gave them access to:

  • Scale up or down with high integrability
  • Plug & play with highly customizable layers
  • An API friendly solution with rich capabilities like increased visibility and flexibility
  • A cost-effective and market responsive solution
  • Multi-channel support

MTN Eswatini also swapped out their existing Voucher Management System (VMS) which was costly and non-robust for our top-of-the-line VMS that was a simple add-on to their existing ERS 360° platform

Some features that made our VMS standout included its ability to:

  • Be user-centric and market responsive
  • Handle the end-to-end lifecycle of recharge vouchers
  • Draw on the strengths on ERS 360º
  • Manage traditional physical printed vouchers (scratch cards) as well as electronic (non-physical) vouchers
Value Delivered

By bringing together all critical functions in one platform, Seamless facilitated the consolidation of the entire sales & distribution value chain for MTN Eswatini. This instantly made them more responsive to customer needs and drastically improved their time to market. Our solution is also easily integrated with the operator’s existing systems to offer smooth-flowing operations with unmatched flexibility and scalability.

Switching to ERS 360° allowed MTN Eswatini to replace their clunky traditional system with a robust and out-of-the-box Voucher Management System. Most importantly, our platforms capacitated MTN Eswatini to have greater visibility and access to a wealth of market insights and field information, which was a welcomed change to their usual end of month reports that allowed little to no real time action.


increase in total transactions


increase in YoY growth for data bundles


increase in agents using MoMo

About MTN Eswatini

MTN Eswatini, a subsidiary of the MTN Group, is the Kingdom’s leading mobile telecommunications company and is made up of 22 operations in Africa, Middle East and Europe. Since inception, MTN Eswatini has led the growth in the voice market to become the biggest mobile operator in Eswatini. To date, MTN Eswatini has over 950, 000 subscribers and the numbers continue to grow.

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