Global Network and Operations Center (GNOC) - available around the globe

Professional Services

SDS has superior portfolio of professional services enabling end-to-end operational and support services for clients across 4 continents. Our comprehensive service portfolio covers varying needs of each customer, through three major categories: Service Delivery, Global Network Operations Center (GNOC) and Consultancy and Trainings.

  • Seamless administration and end-to-end operational efficiency of networks, systems and infrastructure
  • Monitoring and evaluation with industry best recognized tools and techniques
  • From back-end software delivery to the provisioning of user journey trainings

Global Network Operations Center

Global Network Operations Center (GNOC) performs incident management to handle all unexpected operational events with the primary goal of minimizing disruption or impact on business operations, to ensure the best possible levels of service quality and availability.

How it works?

GNOC follows a standard operational procedure for all the arising events, more commonly referred to as incidents. From incident identification to prioritization, escalation to documentation, the whole process is encapsulated in an effort to ensure continuous improvement.

Why does your business need GNOC?

Our Global Network Operations Center team provides first line of support and works round to clock to ensure continuity of business and quality services to our customers.


24/7 global support availability
Timely resolution & proper escalation
Responsive & high quality

Key Features

Surveillance & monitoring

IT ecosystem management

Incident management

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