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Reshaping and consolidating telecom sales and distribution to optimize revenue and reduce costs.

Today, telecom operators sell their products and services via a range of touchpoints. These include call centers, retail outlets, franchises, distributors, or street resellers as well as through self-service websites. This diversity may create inconsistencies in the buyer’s journey. Identifying and minimizing the differences between direct and indirect sales and distribution channels will help to create a consistent customer experience that delivers short and long-term benefits.

As all industries face challenges due to global conditions this year, traditional indirect channel sales and distribution are disrupted. In order to recover and resume their growth trajectories, telecom operators need to reshape their indirect channel sales by implementing common processes and consolidated systems. Such changes will help operators to increase agility and speed up time to market when rolling out new products and services.

In this webinar you will learn about

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • The challenges and implications of a fragmented sales and distribution channel strategy
  • Business opportunities and benefits of consolidated sales and distribution processes and systems
  • Success stories from telecom operators who decided to consolidate  their platforms
  • A practical guide and roadmap to achieve consolidation
  • How to take your next step in streamlining your sales channels


Webinar speaker - Fehmi Sanaa
Fehmi Sanaa – Chief Architect 

Fehmi is the Chief Architect at SDS, with the primary focus on creating business critical solutions for telecom and payments industries. He has extensive experience in helping telecom operators and companies innovate and reach the mainstream with pragmatic implementations. In recent years, he has worked with leading telecom operators in the Middle East, Asia and Africa to optimize their sales and distribution and improve the customer buying experience and overall satisfaction level.

webinar speaker - Sounmendra Das Sharma
Soumendra Das Sarma – Senior Program Manager

Soumendra is a Senior Program Manager at Seamless, with more than 15 years of experience across the telecom and financial services industries. Soumendra’s core areas of interest include data analytics and product management. In recent years, Soumendra has been focused on helping operators leverage digitization, automation, and analytics to transform their sales and distribution.

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