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Future outlook of the telecom sales and distribution - steering through the pandemic

Embracing digital solutions builds greater resilience for telecoms, especially in the face of rapidly changing economic and market conditions like COVID-19 pandemic. Digitization also gives telcos a leg up on the competition that will enable them to recover faster and pivot from playing defense to chasing growth. Essentially, it would also facilitate them to bridge the gaps left by mandated shutdowns and social distancing measures during this pandemic. 

With a successfully digitized S&D network, telecoms would be able to optimize demand and supply, manage and track inventory till the last mile. Moreover, they will be able to monitor all entities which are involved in field distribution and order fulfilment. 

In this webinar we discussed

  • How the COVID-19 crisis has further highlighted the need for responsiveness and robust sales and distribution network
  • How do telecom operators build momentum and drive growth in the pandemic stricken economy
  • Which digitization and data-driven strategies are needed to mitigate risks and optimize costs for telecoms
  • How can telcos address the pandemic challenges and devise a future roadmap
  • Considering that the COVID-19 crisis demands digitization, what strategic initiatives telcos can take to enhance digital engagement


Omair Anwer


Omair Anwer is a versatile management professional with 10+ years of experience in customer support & operations thus getting to know real customer pain points and gains. He has in-depth knowledge of the latest network technologies and mobile payment solutions and his forte is in designing new systems & procedures which maximize efficiencies and optimize profitable growth.

Maliha Naveed


With expertise in product management and product marketing, Maliha Naveed has a well balanced mix of business and technical. She has over 7 years of work experience in the technology and telecom space, and understands the business dynamics of the industry well. She has a sound business acumen and a passion to build valuable products through simple yet innovative ideas.

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