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Nicolas Juckler

Customer Success Manager

As a Customer Success Manager, I’m on a mission to ensure our clients thrive with our solutions. I dive deep into their world, understanding their business, field challenges, and goals. My role is to bridge the gap between their objectives and our solutions, ultimately fostering their success.

Given that my participation is crucial in the license renewal process and commercial discussions for potential upsells,  I stand side by side with our Account Manager, advocating for seamless transitions. A happy client isn’t just a win, it’s a testament to our partnership’s strength.

What his typical work day looks like?

In this role, everyday brings something different and I prefer it that way!
As the main contact for my customers, I spend a lot of time in meetings. We have weekly status meetings with each customer to review current subjects,  understand their challenges and find efficient solutions. On top of this, I remain always available, promptly addressing their needs. Internally, I collaborate with different teams to tackle customer issues effectively. Some weeks, I’m also providing hands-on training, ensuring clients feel confident using our tools. Occasionally, I even travel to conduct training sessions in our clients’ offices. It’s all about building strong client relationships, one interaction at a time.

Employee story Nicolas

What is your team culture like at the company? Any traditions?

Every day, you’ll hear someone ask, “T&D for lunch?” It’s our go-to sandwich spot, just around the corner. We love walking through the city to go there, taking a breather, and enjoying a meal together. It’s these little moments that really make our team click.

What’s an important lesson you’ve learned while working at Riaktr?

“Go for it !”
Riaktr is a fast-moving company that allows its employees to take a lot of initiative. When an interesting idea comes to mind, I know I’ll have the chance to put it to good use.

Are there any challenges that you often need to overcome?

Navigating challenges is where the team truly shines. Each client brings their own set of unique challenges, and that’s what keeps things interesting and fulfilling in my role.

What are your personal goals/objectives that you strive to achieve?

Making customer successes my successes. The most important thing for me is to maintain a climate of trust with the customer, so that they consider me as a real partner helping them achieve their goals.

Any big personal wins at Riaktr that you’re particularly proud of?

The onboarding of Orange Sénégal one year ago on S&D that has now become one of our biggest users.  It is really a continuous team effort that brought this collaboration to  a real success.

And finally, how do you unwind from work?

My go-to way to unwind in my downtime is indulging in sports. In fact, our team had a blast participating in a thrilling football tournament with Riaktr this year. After some nail-biting matches, we emerged victorious, and now the trophy proudly graces our office!

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