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Employee story - Sebastien

Sebastien Macq

Strategy & Partnerships Manager – Smart Capex

In my role as Strategy & Partnerships Manager for Riaktr’s Smart Capex, I define and implement our commercial strategy and forge key partnerships with industry leaders and consulting firms, expanding our reach and boosting our revenues.

What his typical work day looks like?

Embracing the rhythm of each day, I kickstart with a refreshing walk to the office, followed by greetings at the coffee machines. After catching up on the latest news, I dive into the day’s agenda, engaging in lively brainstorming sessions and sales discussions.
Our lunch breaks are filled with lively chats and laughter at one of the charming spots near the office.
I usually dedicate a part of the afternoon to focused work such as crafting presentations for our new partners and providing support and guidance to the delivery team. I conclude the day with diligent follow-ups and setting the stage for the next.

Employee story - Sebastien

What is your team culture like at the company? Any traditions?

There are two traditions that I have been involved in so far, and I am sure we will build more in our Brussels office:
The first one is our  post-lunch kicker matches, where we can kick each other’s …  Then, Fridays are marked by our steak lunch, to end the week on a delicious note. 

What’s an important lesson you’ve learned while working at Riaktr?

The art of selling a complex product lies in distilling a simple pitch from a complicated solution.

Are there any challenges that you often need to overcome?

Wearing multiple hats, I’m deeply involved in every facet of business development, from shaping strategy to project implementation. This requires a seamless collaboration with multiple teams from sales to delivery to ensure client satisfaction. 

What are your personal goals/objectives that you strive to achieve?

Making customer successes my successes. The most important thing for me is to maintain a climate of trust with the customer, so that they consider me as a real partner helping them achieve their goals.

Any big personal wins at Riaktr that you’re particularly proud of?

During my time at Riaktr, I aspire to unlock the true potential of our Smart Capex product, which I believe goes way beyond the telecom industry. I would also love to start coding and learn how our smart techies  are building amazing products for the company.

And finally, how do you unwind from work?

To take my mind off of work I like to go on a run, bike ride or yoga class. A few times a week, sharing a drink or a dinner with friends gives me a lot of energy. And to chase away Belgium’s rainy days, I seek sunny escapes abroad.

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