Professional Services

SDS has superior portfolio of professional services enabling end-to-end operational and support services for clients across 4 continents. Our comprehensive service portfolio covers varying needs of each customer, through three major categories: Service Delivery, Global Network Operations Center (GNOC) and Consultancy and Training.

  • Seamless administration and end-to-end operational efficiency of networks, systems and infrastructure
  • Monitoring and evaluation with industry best recognized tools and techniques
  • From back-end software delivery to the provisioning of user journey training

Service Delivery

enhances customer value chain to achieve optimal desired outcomes through planning, execution, delivery and management of a service as per agreed customer requirements.

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Global Network Operations Center

performs incident management to handle all unexpected operational events with the primary goal of minimizing disruption or impact on business operations, to ensure the best possible levels of service quality and availability.

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Consultancy and Training

are practical and hands-on services that help companies understand and learn system processes. Additionally, SDS provides consultancy and reports to optimize the output of processes, software or hardware.

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