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Professional Services

SDS has superior portfolio of professional services enabling end-to-end operational and support services for clients across 4 continents. Our comprehensive service portfolio covers varying needs of each customer, through three major categories: Service Delivery, GNOC and Consultancy and Trainings.

  • Seamless administration and end-to-end operational efficiency of networks, systems and infrastructure
  • Monitoring and evaluation with industry best recognized tools and techniques
  • From back-end software delivery to the provisioning of user journey trainings

Service Delivery

Seamless Distribution Systems enhances customer value chain to achieve optimal desired outcomes through planning, execution, delivery and management of a service as per agreed customer requirements. Our Service Delivery suite is complete and comprehensive covering Project Delivery, System O&M and Reporting.

How it works?

Customer’s requirement are met at every level in the value chain. We follow standard processes including establishment of a Service Level Agreement (SLA), conducting discovery workshops etc. to achieve the result desired by the customer. As defined by the SLA, our teams perform complete operations and management support after successful system deployment of an enterprise system. To close the loop, our comprehensive reports are well suited to customer’s business needs and cover a range of crucial information.


Project Delivery

End to end project (system delivery/change request) execution with full ownership of processes

System O&M

Complete operations and management support after successful system deployment of an enterprise system


Standard and customized operational reports as per the customer’s agreed requirements


Why does your business need Service Delivery?

We work closely with our customers to ensure that their business needs are met. With successful roll-out of the project, we analyze frequent problems and suggest improvements. Proactive prevention of application and system failures ensures system stability and integrity.


Key Features

Project Delivery

  • Compliance
  • Requirement gathering
  • Software development
  • Deployment
  • Launch

System O&M

  • Hardware Support
  • Network, ERS and Database Administration
  • Integration provisioning
  • OM routines


  • System reports
  • Transaction reports
  • Reseller reports
  • Incident management report (including tickets, alerts etc.)

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