Mobile Applications

For the complete digital experience, Seamless’ mobile applications portfolio enables the adoption of mobile technology for products and service delivery in emerging markets. For service providers and distributors this means accelerated digitalization of supply and distribution through rapid mobile penetration. The impact of this is unprecedented and significantly revolutionizing.

  • True mobility for distribution of products and services, anywhere, anytime through a single mobile app
  • Transaction-level transparency and management, with the convenience of interactive and user-friendly application
  • Complete tracking and management of products, resellers and transactions through Seamless Reporting app
  • The all-in-one interface experience for resellers and distribution managers for all products and services

Reseller Application

Enables an improved and interactive experience of distribution for resellers while providing enhanced monitoring and management options to telecom operators and service providers.

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Reporting Application

Manage and monitor the performance of sales, transaction trends and details of reseller network to optimize operations for service providers through important business insights.

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